Freemason Police Fabricate a Paedophile to Protect a Freemason Paedophile

    More Australian Injustice.


    Above: That's me in 1987 on my 31st birthday.

    Once again, all these events can be corroborated. I can only write in bits as its all very hurtful. There is so much more than I have already written.

    I've mentioned how the Camden NSW Macarthur Credit Union boss, Graham Holby, assisted my defaco, Owen Hall, in their criminal conspiracy to steal my NSW government guaranteed Torrens Title residential property in The Oaks NSW, so I won't go over that again.

    What I will outline is that in the extensive illegal interrogations I was subjected to while having first been illegally drugged so I was unable exert my free will to not answer, after they realised I had never done anything wrong to hold over me, they got me to tell them everything I hated about day to day life and did that to me, and got me to tell them everything I liked and took that away from me.

    In 1987 when I was pregnant with Owen's first of out 2 children. One of the intentionally false rumours that local police spread about me was that Owen was my son, and as were defacto people assumed I was in a sex relationship with my son. This is a photo Owen got me to snap after he made himself look younger that his years.


    Above: Owen in 1985 before he turned traitor. Someone had significantly tampered with his new Celica.

    Also in 1987, I was informed the wife of a policeman neighbour in The Oaks NSW worked in the new Centrelink office in Camden NSW, Mrs Bob Bradbury, when my file in the possession of Centrelink was completely stolen. When it turned up again it contained false documents that claimed I was in a defacto relationship with my oldest son who was about 14. They used this criminally false claim to justify my own parents kidnapping my oldest son, and justify the federal government paying my parents Child Endowment for my minor child being in their custody. Camden NSW Police refused to retrieve my child saying my child was ''better off'' with my parents without expanding. This forced me to go on the defensive about my excellent parenting skills. 

    If you have read anything else, you will be aware my father is a paedophile. The Federal Australian department og Human Services paid a paedophile to kidnap a lineal descendant and expand on his prior acts of incest he had inflicted on that child and his siblings which local police also refused to investigate, because my father was / is a fellow Freemason and belonged to the Camden NSW Freemason Lodge with local police.  As I've said elsewhere, I sought an AVO to get my son back but the Freemason magistrate in Camden NSW ordered me to medicate with the known paedophile over his kidnap of my child.

    At this point I will say from my personal experience, Australian government public officers do some outrageous things in breach of Australian law, to cover their tracks they criminally defame their victims, Australians, like Nazi Germans, want to believe good things are happening in their neighbourhood, (classic psychological denial) so they believe the lies of the crooked government public officers.

    Circa 1989 Owen told me, ''they promised me $1million before I turned 30'' he declined to tell me who ''they'' were but did say, ''You're going to make me a millionaire'' many times to my face. In 1989 Owen turned 25. He was 8 years younger than me. 

    Back to Centrelink in Camden NSW and Mrs Bob Bradbury; Circa 1991 I was pregnant again with Owen's second child when I went into Camden Centrerlink to try to sort out a problem. My second eldest son was very angry with me when he accused me of lying to him about his last name. He told me Camden Centrelink had his surname as Francis, my maiden name and they told him ''Francis is recorded on his birth certificate as his last name'' and Camden Centrelink staff told him ''your mother never married your father'' This was an all an absolute lie. This child was born when I was legally married to his father, he was registered with his father's surname and I had given Centrelink (Department of Social Security) full and legal evidence of this son's birth registration, and my marriage to his father and the divorce from his father.

    When I got into Camden Centrelink I asked to speak to Mrs Bob Bradbury. She came out to the counter, openly in front of everyone she accused me of being pregnant to my son. She was spitting and frothing at the mouth. So I told her if she believed that she should call the police right now. She refused. So as you can imagine the rumour spread that I was a paedophile given no change to prove the absurdity. As you can imagine I was shunned everywhere.

    Some time later the government forced my local doctor to take DNA swabs of all my children and Owen and myself, without telling it they were DNA swabs. Talk about gross invasion of privacy. Never given the right to publicly defend myself from the false claims the police did it all on the sly, but publicly accused my through intentionally false criminally defamatory rumours.

    Eventually I got copy of the Centrelink file, so I can prove they did this to me. What they had on file inferred my oldest son had fathered his siblings by claiming I was in a ''relationship'' with my oldest son. The 2 men in my life my legal husband and my defacto are not recorded anywhere in my Centrelink file, particularly that relationships file, only my oldest son, nor any of his siblings also, only my oldest son. Centrelink claim I only ever had 4 children, not 5, my oldest son is recorded as my only sex partner in my Centrelink file. When I asked for the criminally false data to be removed after I had copy of the errant file after a Freedom of Information application in South Australia, Goulburn New South Wales staff recorded on my file (March 2004) they believed the data to be ''historically correct''. Can't describe how angry all of that makes me. If I could bite the throat out of the responsible persons I might feel a little bit better.

    So as a final blow Centrelink staff recorded in my Centrelink file that I have an undefined psychotic condition that was ''diagnosed'' by a cent relink employee in Noarliunga South Australia, not a registered  a medical practitioner, just some pen pusher, they refuse to give me that person's name.

    Circa 1997 someone living in about 9 Tulip Close claimed to have the same surname as me at thet time (Hall) and claimed they knew me very well, they didn't, and claimed my sons visiting me now in their 20s were actually my sex partners and that I was a working prostitute. Another neighbour told me this.

    I lived in 5 Tulip Close Bowral NSW for less than 2 years. During that time fellow Wollondilly Shire Councillor, Michael Banasik's sister also my street but she decided not to tell me she was his sister, she knew if she had I would not talk to her as he had indecently assaulted me. In a vendetta for me complaining about her brother she decided (with other members of the Australian Labor Party in Bowral) to criminally steal my 1987 Mazda 929. I went to police who knew where it was but they refused to do anything to help me. No local lawyer would assist me to take action in civil court.

    I found out years later, (like most things) that my father had convinced my oldest son when my son was a pre teen that he was my son's father too.  My son was too afraid to tell me. I tried to get his real father to step up and do the right thing but like most Australian men my age, that was a waste of my breath.

    Found out in 2004 that back in the 1980's Camden Centrelink staff had illegally changed the last names of all my children to suit their criminal defamation of me.

    I never got my Mazda back.

    I never got my name cleared either.

    The Freemason paedophile, his police buddies and the scum-of-the-earth who surgically, sexually, and socially raped me get to live a long and very profitable life.

    After that sort of financial investment, chances are they're electronically stalking me even still,  thanks to the Australian Labor Party and the Liberal Party of Australia.

    Every action leaves a trail that virtually any technology whiz can trace. Boob boom.


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