Criminal Brain Research

    South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute

    The fact that the government has refused to allow my treatment for a dislocated hand for well over the past 10 years, and blocked my access to life saving penicillin in 2012, indicates that their new multi billion dollar medical research unit will be used to harm the poor and politically hated for the exclusive benefit of a select few, the chosen ones. Sounds like a B grade movie plot, but sadly it's true.

    They silence me and try to murder me with planned medical negligence by stealth so I won't rain on their parade, spill the beans, tilt the scales of justice, expose Australia's  criminal human rights fraud.

    I'm curious as to whether the profits are going to the government to fund pay increases for politicians and other Government Public Officers, or whether the profits go to the Labor and Liberal Political Parties as political donations.

    I know some of it padded the pockets of Sydney Lawyers and Medical doctors in the 1990s in what became yet another 'Government Insurance Office of New South Wales' insurance fraud with me as the victim.

    The press refuse to run this story, so I need you to spread remove the corrupted middleman, please spread this true news story.

    The facts:

    As you have seen, I have on my person physical evidence of what presents like illegal brain research. 
    My attempts to have the suspected illegal implants investigated have only produced illegal actions in Government Public Officers, in breach of the protections of Australian law that are there to prevent me and you from being arbitrarily used as medical experiments against our will.

    The same government has built an AU$3 billion dollar BRAIN research facility with a hospital wing on the side to presumably source their illegal experiment targets, on the evidence of the documents associated with my medical (lack of) care.

    What does it say about our greedy politicians when all animals in Australian Zoos get better medical care and attention than most Australians people ? 


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