Australian Baa Association

    Some wool was flying at the ABA over Peter Dutton's constructive criticism of decisions in criminal law courts.

    Quote: The Australian Bar Association said that “political attacks on the judiciary undermines the independence, integrity and impartiality of Australia’s legal system”.

    Interesting words ''independence, integrity and impartiality'' but they are only words inside Australia State Courts they have no impact on the decisions handed down by Judges in Civil Courts. One Judge in the Adelaide District court refused to allow me to pursue my various Torts of trespass to the person caused by Government Public Officers on 2 May 2007. The event during which I sustained my shoulder and hand injury, injuries that have never been treated by State or private medical practitioners.

    The Judge refused to allow me to pursue my prosecution of the State of South Australia, as I refused to file a legally flawed statement of claim authored by a person of the Judges choice, which gave the balance of convenience to the State, and totally omitted the actual events. 

    That Judge exhibited no independence, no integrity and no impartiality in my Civil (District) Court hearing circa 2010. That Judge, Griffin, stood down circa 2012 after a sex scandal, quaintly enough he's now a Queens Counsel, a member of the Australian Bar Association, Baaaa.

    Likewise, the Jolly lawyer the judge called in on the hearing to impersonate a government Crown Solicitor exhibited no independence, no integrity and no impartiality in my Civil (District) Court hearing circa 2010 and he is/was a member of the Australian Bar, Baaaa.

    They don't need politicians to discredit them, they do a mighty-fine job of it themselves.

    Mark Griffin can be contacted at

    Considering Mark Griffin's appointment as the legal counsel for Finks outlaw motorcycle club as a OC, it's a probability that Judge Mark Griffin was acting in the interests of the Rebels Motorcycle Club not the police, or are they one ans the same sure looks like it to me.

    Edward BM Jolly can be contacted at

    Edward BM Jolly is member of the South Australian Bar, who claims expertise in IT and Telecommunications Law, Medical Negligence tort law, and Military Law. Edward BM Jolly claims to be a member of the Legal Services Commission General Panel, Complex Criminal Law Panel, and the Murder Sub-Panel. Edward BM Jolly says since 2007 he's been the South Australian Senior Member of the Veterans' Review Board, all members of the Board are independent Commonwealth statutory appointments. Its clear Edward BM Jolly is knowingly incapable of acting independent of Australian government when he impersonated a South Australian Crown Solicitor to prevent me prosecuting the South Australian Crown in matters linked to SAPOL police brutality and SAHealth staff medical negligence circa 2010.

    Edward BM Jolly was employed by the SA State University of South Australia in 2017 to take a law course in which I was an enrolled student. I rarely forget a face of someone who screws me over. In profile Edward BM Jolly looks like Murry, a very nice young man I once knew when I worked with in the office at Smorgon Fibre Containers in Chullora NSW circa 1985.

    My message to Messers Griffin and Jolly is what a politician who foolishly believed I was a Rebels bikie whore said the me circa 1998;

    ''You lay down with dogs you get up with flees.''


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