All that's needed to prove extensive AUSTRALIAN taxpayer funded TERRORISM is in the 7 links above.

Latin maxim “Quando aliquid prohibetur ex directo, prohibetur et per obliquum” means when something is prohibited directly, its prohibited indirectly.  Except in Australia where government public officers are largest organised crime network, they believe they're personally and individually above the law. Anticipating a long political career, parliamentarians became their unconstitutional accomplices in crime against Commonwealth enabling other public officers to cross the line from political policy into terrorism. Despite the illegality of their actions general news media silently support their government's terrorism in alleged democracies. That's something every person should be concerned about else one day we'll all be exactly like North Korea.   I don't mean ruled by man with bad haircut.

unplug from the Matrix

Australia is

a country of criminals in public office

The many (illegal unverified content) records that Adelaide government public officers have created about me prove this is a bipartisan political-witch-hunt. The question is WHY? You'd think I have a right to know why I'm being 'punished'. I guess a psychopath doesn't need an excuse to be cruel. I'm yet to meet a medical practitioner who can successfully fake empathy. Where would a psychopath work to get their jollies from watching people suffer? They'd become a medical doctor, or nurse. It appears from the documented evidence that the majority of (not all) Adelaide AUSTRALIA's doctors and government public officers subscribe by “best  practice” in the belief that if any patient has the audacity to complain about a doctor committing medical battery or threatening the patient with violence or defaming the patient, then that entitles that patient to be targeted with ridicule from other doctors, more medical defamations, and refusing the patient access to life saving antibiotics. This unlawful victimisation is guaranteed to be supported by Adelaide state judiciary. For Adelaideans, neither State or Commonwealth law apples for a person who dares to stand up against the criminally organised Adelaide, South Australia state government; they hate everyone except their own ‘kind’ s140 Criminal Law Consolidation Act 1935 (SA)

When looking at the image below, refer to s41(2) Civil Liability Act 1936 (SA), the Adelaide Supreme Court (civil) Judge (30 October 2019) refused to accept my MRI images of my head as proof of medical negligence from the radiologist and other doctors; one shows and infection in my left ear Mastoid, the other (in same location) shows a foreign item that vibrates my face and throat, Its linked to something else that sparks on top of my head and something else that (not nerve pain) actually electrically sparks in waves under my skin (and burns my skin leaving scars and cooks my skin leaving it hard) down my spine and across my shoulder, and elsewhere. I call it an illegal implant. Then there are the sparking items crushing nerves and muscle in my lower spine and legs making it agony to walk after they illegally cancelled my driving licence in 2018. To quote a 20+ year seasoned radiologist, "The job isn't very hard and after awhile becomes very routine, so much so that you can do it in your sleep." I was self-represented. Adelaide is a medical criminals utopia. Adelaide Advertiser refuses to report on this 'public interest' SA HEALTH matter. 

Lawyers arguing against me making themselves and the highest State in South Australia court look like a childish prank on decent people:-  State of South Australia via ex-Law Society president at Finlaysons Adelaide and  iLes Selley Adelaide 

With a mentality akin to the graverobbers of the 19th century modern doctors are hacking up healthy living people to install microwave accessing illegal implants because in their psychopathic mind the end justifies the means. There is no other deduction from the evidence, where no medical doctor I’ve consulted will concede that this vibrating foreign mass inside my skull near my ear even exists, (see red circle above) they all claim it’s a figment of my imagination. Their friends in politics agree because like prime minister John Howard said soon after I was illegally implanted, “Every government needs their secrets.” Their coordination proves I’m NOT their only victim for their secret political cause. Their Supreme Court REFUSES to make a decision on whether the illegal implant exists because it wasn't noted in the report Francis v Cole and Gpaxis Pty Ltd [2019] SASC 179, (refer photo above) Adelaide Supreme Court (civil) hearing 26 June 2019 judgment 31 October 2019. These things combined ARE an act of terrorism pursuant to Australia’s Criminal Code (100.1 Definitions) or governmnet publication here.

I'm Janette Gail Francis, born 1st May 1956 in Cooma NSW.

It’s true I couldn't prove that as a child, circa 1967 I witnessed the rape and murder of boys at an Allman Street Campbelltown NSW Freemason lodge meeting attended by my male parent and various government officials; I couldn’t prove that Freemason government officials have systematically covered up all Freemason paedophile activity in Australia - but now, I can easily prove it probability happened on "balance of probability" based on what Adelaide government officials and private medical doctors lawyers and some judiciary (all traditional Freemason groups) have (illegally) done to me since I've been in Adelaide (15 years) where the Australian Freemason “Grand Lodge” has existed for almost a century in North Terrace. Gotcha scumbags !

In 1994 to my physical detriment, John Marsden (deceased) an ex-president of the NSW Law Society falsified (Sydney Supreme Civil Court) evidence to pervert the course of justice in the political interests of the NSW State government insurance office, the GIO of NSW.  Coincidently, my first full time job after school ended (November 1972) was at Elizabeth Street Sydney office of the GIO; I was 16.

In 2019 to my physical detriment, Ralph Bonig an ex-president of the SA Law Society falsified (Adelaide Supreme Civil Court) evidence to pervert the course of justice in the political interests of the SA State government, Health SA, SAPOL and Transport SA; by claiming this document as valid when its a false document under both State and Commonwealth criminal law.

In 2008 a radiologist identified "air" in between two of my lower spine discs. By 2018 I'd shown that report to many doctors in Adelaide Australia, ALL have ignored it refusing to treat me. WHY?

Intraosseous and Intradiscal Gas in Association with Spinal Infection: Pneumorrhachis (PR), the phenomenon of intraspinal air, is an exceptional imaging finding, caused by various, mainly traumatic and iatrogenic aetiologies. It is associated with different pathologies and possible pathways of air entry into the spinal canal.” Source: Accessed 14 Nov 2019.

Sciatica Caused by Lumbar Epidural Gas (air)” Source Accessed 14 Nov 2019.

Pneumorrhachis: is presence of gas within the spinal canal (either intra- or extradural). It is rare. Iatrogenic: is illness caused by medical examination or treatment (or surgery including illegal surgery).

Spinal Gas Accumulation Causing Lumbar Discogenic Disease” Source Accessed 14 Nov 2019.


14 years ago, on 17 November 2005, I acutely started to vibrate from head to toe and thereafter begun my quest for medical treatment to stop the vibrations. In direct response private doctors and government public officers decided my claim I’m vibrating was proof I had mental illness. They’ve refused outright to learn the cause. In 2019 I’m in excruciating pain when I stand, walk, sit or lay down from the extreme damage to my hip and spine caused by the 14 years of abnormal vibrations and no closer to a medical answer or resolve but still hoping someone will step up to stop my inhuman torture.


I reasonably ask -  What are our Australian governments hiding from the rest of us?

Since 2006 Adelaide government linked medical doctors have illegally REFUSED to identify the abnormal elements in MRI images of my head between my brain and left ear see images left (my head in MRI 2006 & 2012). So, I started looking for implants that might fit my symptoms. When I complained of vibrations to my spine they (SA Health) (intentionally) falsely diagnosed me as schizophrenic and detained me under Mental Health Act in January 2014 - coupled with my memories of illegal surgery and finding mystery surgical stitches over my spine in 1991, this cemented my belief I’d been criminally surgically raped under government authority. So I’ve been looking for implants that fit the description of my symptoms, see linked elements (right) left click on image. Right now I'm experiencing undiagnosed sciatica linked to lower back disc injury (Macquarie St Sydney specialist diagnosed) untreated for 25 years linked to what presents as hip joint injury (I have to put pressure on the leg ball joint in my arse to keep it from moving as I walk) and Meralgia Paraesthetica, and nerve damage in my hands linked to untreated (diagnosed 12 yrs ago) upper spine injury - all extremely painful and treatable, yet I've been treated like a hypochondriac because State health public officers tell private medical doctors I’m schizophrenic faking the symptoms. Its a good thing I'm tungsten-tough and can cope with extreme pain (like most women.) 

I don't believe in heaven, but I surely do wish there's a hell.

My curiosity was aroused when I was watering the garden last week and saw a mature male driving a privately registered recreational SUV take a ladder into the (across the road neighbour’s) house, then in presence of the male neighbour read the electricity and water meters, take a photo of his tiled roof aerial then give a document to the neighbour and left after over an hour. As they’re still there and this creep secretly and falsely criminally defamed me in “MY” State Housing and State Health records over several years and not been penalised for it. I only found out what he was up to after a FOI response in 2018. I’m wondering if the State continued his lease under a different name or sold the house to a private entity to continue their physical criminal assaults on me and my reputation. He tells his older relatives its me picking on him. You should read the baseless bullshit alleged Christies Beach police officers Ms Bee and Mr Weatherill (secretly) added to State’s falsified Health record on me to support Adelaide Australia public officer's fantacy of falsely accusing me of mental illness to criminally nullify all my valid and corroborated  complaints about them.

In 2018 after a private medical doctor (Alison Barbara Jane COLE) falsely diagnosed me as "delusional" in amongst an intentionally falsified Commonwealth proforma declaration she sent to SA Health who illegally cancelled my driving licence based on the COLE falsified declaration (the diagnosis was not the falsified complaint) The Adelaide Supreme Court appointed a Master of the court to hear my civil suit. The defendants (COLE and Seaford Meadows Gpaxis P/L) filed an interlocutory application to dismiss my entire claim which happened last month despite the evidence I presented. The rules of the court state that any interlocutory decision of a Master can only be appealed with PERMISSION from the court, only a final decision gets an automatic appeal, which is why two interlocutory applications were filed by seasoned lawyers from  Finlaysons Adelaide and  iLes Selley Adelaide to (illegally) dismiss my case knowing the court would not allow my appeal - why else would the state COURT have appointed a MASTER to hear the case, (LEFT click image left) if not to protect the future financial interests of state government TRANSPORT et cetera linked to my future case about 2014 illegal detention under state Mental Health Act by SA HEALTH. Corrupt or what? Appears 'blind justice' means blind to the facts in Adelaide Australia. Don't make the error of believing Adelaide's ICAC are any different. They're like school bullies in the playground in Adelaide, its high time I went to the Headmaster to dob them in.

a country of paedophile cult supporting criminals in public office

Australia is

My (then) common law husband (defacto) OWEN NEIL HALL and father of the baby child raped by my freemason paedophile cult male parent on 24 January 1988 was also a freemason's son. He sided with Camden freemason police who refused to charge AUBREY BERNARD FRANCIS for that incest rape because he (freemason Brother FRANCIS) was a freemason. In retaliation in November 1988 my freemason paedophile cult male parent kidnapped my 14-year-old son who my male parent falsely told was HIS son. Camden freemason paedophile cult police refused to retrieve my 14-year-old son (free-my-son) because the kidnapper was a Freemason. Camden's long term freemason paedophile cult Local Court magistrate refused to hear my evidence against my male parent early in 1989 on my 1988 application for AVO to protect all my children from my freemason paedophile cult male parent, because they had both been fellow members of the same Camden (NSW) Freemason paedophile cult, they both admitted that in the open courtroom, witnessed by about 20 others who all gasped in horror in unison. Later in 1989 our freemason paedophile cult New South Wales government released the fabricated story of my face as the 14-year-old murder victim (of freemason paedophile cult police) attributed to members of the 1984 Bandido motorcycle club, they blamed Mario (deceased) in their freemason paedophile cult paperback named “(freemason) Brothers In Arms: The Inside Story of Two Bikie Gangs” copyright 1989. In 1990s our freemason paedophile cult NSW government (evidently) funded a series of surgical rapes on me leaving behind many criminally illegal pulsating implants, still inside me. One over my left kidney since 1991 (ignored by doctors) is causing me immence pain in 2019; and one seen here not reported by Jones and Perrett Medical Imaging's radiologist CLAUDIO COSCIA; and that Adelaide Australia medical practitioners unanimously claim they can’t even see in their unyielding support for Australian freemason paedophile cults in your government. I'm referring to that big screw like cochlear ear implant in the red jagged circle. Presumably the plan was to implant the 'bug' inside my ear area so they could talk to me and send me insane or make it appear I'm insane if I admitted I could hear someone talking to me when no one else was around. You can be sure I'm NOT their only such victim. The other MRI image in the green circle (seen on the green rectangle below) is the same implant when it was infected, that too went unreported in the (WILLIAM KINGSLEY LOFTUS then of Benson Radiology) 2006 Medicare Australia funded medical diagnostic procedure. Evidently they're all just biding their time until I die from the (criminal) surgical implant devices so they can sweep all this under the proverbial carpet and blame me for everything they've done to others in my name.

Janette’s website (this website) holds irrefutable evidence from multiple government’s own records of what 21st century government public officers do the children who witness child sex crimes committed by other 20th century government public officers. They ARE living breathing BOOGEY MEN. Freaks.

Proving NSW government public officers (GPOs) are happy to falsify State birth records; here's a redacted copy (photo below) of a birth certificate of one of my children after I was told by my partner, (1986-1996) Owen Neil HALL that we could apply for the birth record from the Picton Local Court, which we did, applied and paid the long-tern clerk of the court. This forgery is what was posted to me. The other two (photos below) is irrefutable proof of another criminal government conspiracy to impoverish me (and my children) and render me (us) homeless. The centre 2 documents are in the possession of Marcarthur (Mutual) Credit Union, they were faxed (see FAX imprest) from MMCU to the FEDERAL government agency I acquired the copy from in 2004 just before I left NSW for Adelaide. This is what Owen HALL and his criminal accomplices at MMCU (MCU) and the NSW police GPOs did to me in 1991; they stole my Torrens Title. Federal and State GPOs refused to inform me how I could access NSW compensation and refused to take legal action against the document proved criminals. Despite seeing these documents (below) that prove I'm the victim of these crimes - my brainwashed adult children believe Owen was my victim and the freemasons are God's gift to Australia. Owen stole from his own children leaving them nothing in his will when he allegedly died in 2010 aged 44 (we have the death certificate) I like to believe he too was brainwashed but my subconscious tells me I'm a bloody fool and that Owen is probably still alive.

to see full photo right click to open in new tab or window.

39 William St, The Oaks

and Lot 33 are the same property.

Australia is

a country of criminals in public office

Australia is

a country of criminals in public office

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to see full photo right click to open in new tab or window

For the true government conspiracy believers here’s some evidence too good to refute. Circa 2017 Y-DNA tests confirmed my male parent is actually a COFFEY (surname) not a FRANCIS. The (true or false) story as (allegedly) recorded in Sydney press of the day claims my male parent’s grandfather George Arthur Francis COFFEY ran away from his Sydney cop male parent, (probably a psychopathic paedophile) the 2017 DNA tests confirmed my male parent is male DNA related with no distance to (Robert Coffey NSW police family and) 1700 COFFEY residents of west of Lough Leane in County Kerry, Ireland. Sharon Greene is my older sister with a conveniently poor memory and gullible personality, our male parent did tan very well, (see photo left- that's an WWII Air Force tattoo) his eyes were a murky dark blue, and he drank until he was legless and transformed into a cruel arsehole that hated everyone, throwing his food against the kitchen wall if it wasn't exactly how he wanted it, and (at least since I was 3) when drunk he usually was seen threatening to shoot mum as he loaded both his rifle and bolt action shotgun; he turned it on me when I was 16, Sharon's (army) now ex-husband saw it and ran; Sharon (then 18) called me a liar when I told her. I cut ties with Sharon and male parent on 24 April 1988. I'm not bitter I coped very well.

I love my sister Sharon (with me, our male parent and our children photo left) with her “no tan” statement she's proved (balance of probability) my claim government public officers brainwashed my family to conceal freemason (police) child sex crimes (and other matters) and turn each of us against each other before I broke away 30 years ago. Just like GG George they'll make me disappear from the pages of Australian history. 


Although Sharon was born with shitty genes and therefore a total bitch to her siblings she was naturally jealous of, and she has worked in a public council Library for past 20 years - she WAS clearly brainwashed to turn a blind eye to our male parent - that's CLEARLY EVIDENT from her published statement thus; "My father has pale white skin, never tans...". Even though Sharon has always secretly defamed me to others and considers I'm the 'black sheep of the family' because I refused / refuse to accept our male parent's paedophilia as 'normal' its really NOT ALL her fault. I wish her NO harm nor should any other, she's just as much a VICTIM of the organised criminal consortium we fondly call "our governments" as the rest of us. Having said that, I'm happy to be Sharon's 'black sheep' and I'm sick of protecting you from yourself Sharon, your adult children should know that's why you banned me from seeing them in 1988 even though I'm Samanatha's Godmother. Sharon is simple minded but she is still my sister. I'd be really interested to know what Sharon uses as her “excuse” why I broke ties with our birth family. When statistically a woman's family are the ones most likely to murder her, in my instance its my extended freemason police government-public-officer family whose trying to murder me and make it look like accidental misunderstanding when the government records ALREADY prove its premeditated intent to murder. 


The irony was that we both applied for the Library job, I told Sharon but she kept it secret from me, was never sure if she applied after I told her I'd applied. It was apparently between the both of us, they took Sharon as she had a longer work history. Moral of this saga is don't trust anyone with a clear police record a police check isn't worth the paper its written on as even police are paedophile protectors. Australian National Police checks are just another government fundraising ruse.


Sharon’s been a serious genealogist since the 1980s when she used to buy (BDM) birth death and marriage records on microfiche to read them on her own microfiche reader looking for ancestors. Her ex-husband funded a trip to UK for Sharon and our mother to search our family tree. I on the other hand had little interest at the time. Sharon writes (page 12) 'Margaret died at age 90 on 30 August 1906, at the Newington Asylum, in Granville. On her death certificate is states (children) John; George; Silvester; Cecilia died 1875; and Cornelius died 1881.' Indicating Sharon bought the birth certificate and either the government records have been changed or the Sydney COFFEY police family have forged the DNA test and the BDM certificate to falsify a paternal DNA link to my family. BDM website printscreen photos left states the only NSW Margaret COFFEY of that era in the same areas (Sydney and Granville) had 3 children with Mr John COFFEY, not 5 as the government wrote on the certificate fraudulently sold to my sister. You'll note there's 40 years difference between the first 2 (George and Dotty) so that tends to make that false. Remember George in my GG. It’s not the first time NSW State government records contradict themselves. True families provide the info for birth certificates but not death certificates the government and doctors do those to prevent fraud.

Sharon, you've been conned sis.


The mismatched data says this - Sharon's COFFEY family fake discovery happened in 2017 when the suggestion was made to her, this happened after I published my grandparent's names and Australian birth details on an associated personal website. Government criminals must have searched BDM for a police family with similar first names till they found one that matched. I've repeatedly published the statement that there's no mental illness in my family so they forge not only my false imprisonment in mental health facility they fake a great-great grandmother with a mental illness. Pathetic really. You'd think university certified academics could do better (or are they). Its an interesting story, but its not fact.


2019 Google search of COFFEY linage finds the first link is to the WALTER'S clans of Ireland in County Kerry, Lough Leane area coincidently near ROSS Castle for those associated MC members. Including last names COFFEY and WATTERS (Englishised to WALTERS) and so I ask; is it coincidence that in 1984 Rex John WALTERS criminally conspired with Sydney cops (who were/are psychopathic paedophile-protectors) to fabricate the story of his daughter being named LEANNE and used a photo of my adult face to describe this fictitious murder victim? Or premeditated? All-in-the-family as it were. Any good police investigator will tell you criminals usually use what they know best when they create a lie, so they can’t forget. I’ve never been prouder to be a FRANCIS, thanks to my incorruptible 1887 Sydney born great grandfather George who managed to solve a Sydney conundrum almost 100 years before it emerged.

Which also means my (atheist-is-me) initials should be JC - gotta love it.

You and all your unincorporated local and cross boarder parasitic fixated voyeuristic comrades Andrew Robert CHAMPION named or inferred in the multiplicity of criminally falsified state and federal government records under my name since at least 2004 should be locked up under commonwealth terrorist law and state mental health law and anti association law (the trifecta) for the safety of me and the rest of the community. Some had the audacity to write my justified 'feelings' of persecution (from their actions) are proof of schizophrenia in ME. Bloody criminal psycho freaks.

Lets quickly brush up on Australian 1970s government schools; we girls were forced by class teachers to walk up the steps in our multi story class room blocks in front of the boys (on our way to class) they used that as an invitation to look up our dresses; despite that we complained the teaches refused to change their own habits. In my 1970 class photo there were 2 boys behind me pulling up my dress this was a common practice of many boys at my government school I was abusing them when the photo was snapped. Australia still victim blames. Some of the boys who raped me went on to become cops. One of the boys who joined in on sneering at me in the playground after I was raped because a Labor Party Senator. One of the boys who used a bit of bent wire to pull up girls’ dresses ended up in prison. Psychologically people never change from high school. The Labor Party political candidate was still carrying false rumours about me in the 1990s before he was eventually elected into NSW state senate, the cops kids as adults still lie about their part in my rape. People never change 30 years later in 2014 young adult children of police threatened to rape my daughter in her first year at Goulburn NSW Mulwaree High School located opposite the NSW state police training academy, on the accusation that she was just like her mother; both of us have always been quiet and polite strong-willed women. I pulled both my younger children from the school for the last 6 months of 2004 as the Goulburn police perpetually illegally arrested me for speaking out against government crime involving police. The kids went to no scholol but the government were too busy criminally harassing me to notice their justified truancy. This is why we moved to Adelaide where the criminal government harassment continued with freaks like Andrew Robert CHAMPION and his fellow co-conspirator losers who evidently can't exist without illegally interfering in my life because they're psychotically obsessed with me and my private life. That's what a wanker is.


This was my teenage philosophy or mantra, Desiderata (should be "be cheerful" not be careful): the effect of which I passed onto all of my five beautiful children who 'political-criminal psychopathic and sociopathic public officers' in Australia sought to destroy along with me simply because they could.

This is the true face of the fake democracy in Australia, evidently this SORT of behaviour is partially why we now have Muslim suicide bombers trying to kill as many as they can in our fake democracy and the police launched their unconstitutionally illegal ‘war’ on organised motorcycle clubs.

In 1970s Campbelltown New South Wales police told my male parent that it was my word against that of the multiple males who raped me that it was rape, because 'they' included multiple children of NSW police - despite the fact that I had never agreed to go around town with any male or been seen in the company of any males it was therefore decided I was the whore to protect Campbelltown High NSW student children of freemasons brother Harvey and brother Wark; Steven, Wayne and Rhonda whose actions cost me the (1971) affections of my first (platonic) true love, however that he refused to hear my side probably saved me from even more grief so no great loss PL, its probably a good thing you never had children. It was in this 1970s Muslim extremist Australian Christian climate that women were deemed whores for being pack raped by white males subsequently Anita Coby and many other Australian women were pack raped some multiple times by many Australian males some of whom have or still enjoy high profile careers in government public office.

In the 1990s Bowral NSW police told me that it was my word against the males who assaulted me during a 1997 government function when I was an elected local council alderman/councillor, despite that I had STILL never been seen doing anything to sully my own reputation.

In September 2000 a Parramatta NSW Federal Court Judge cleared my male parent of my rape in 1959 and my assault at the 1997 government function, despite that the matter he was hearing had nothing to do with either.

From 2006 multiple South Australian based government public officers and medical doctors unlawfully agreed (conspired) by their ACTIONS to say the foreign items inside me seen in radiology diagnostic, simply don’t exist.

The evidence proves the wireless telecommunication devices were secretly implanted inside me in the 1990s utilising three methods; after I was kidnapped at gunpoint; after I was kidnapped by brute force; after I was secretly drugged by people in government I knew and trusted.

In 2010 Adelaide SA District court judge decided that it was not proven that state police had unlawfully arrested me despite that it was proved in another court that I had legally defended myself against police who unlawfully arrested me as a result of me defending myself.

In 2014 multiple SA government public officers unlawfully agreed (conspired) by their ACTIONS to say the foreign items inside me seen in radiology diagnostic, simply don’t exist and ON THAT BASIS they interred me in a mental asylum at the SA Flinders hospital run by medical doctors.

For every crime there’s a motive, the motive in this instance is in parallel with the Christian churches coverup of child sex crimes, only this coverup involves government public officers and their child sex crimes of the past; which evidently on their own ACTIONS includes - police, members of parliament and medical doctors generally known as Australian freemasons. You can be sure I'm NOT the only one they've done this to. 

That statement reflects on the conspiratol lying wankers like psychiatrist Andrew Robert CHAMPION and his fellow Health SA co-conspirators who in 2013 and 2014  criminally assaulted me EXACTLY like the teenagers from Campbelltown & Camden NSW high schools who pack raped me in 1971 or 1973 - he like them decided he had the right to take physical control of my life despite Australian law. I assure you Champion Wanker nothing anyone has EVER done to me has "distressed" me, I'm the rock that never rolls and you're governmnet scum..

Australia is

a country of criminals in public office

Circa 1990 when my (defacto's) last name was “Hall” I ordered a full copy of my NSW birth certificate, but it never arrived. I’m guessing the Wark (spelling unknown) police family psychopath Rhonda Halls stole that as in 2009 SA government (falsely) claimed my own birth certificate belongs to someone else. Goes without saying Rhonda's same age as me, same height and body shape including square shoulders like me.

In opposite contrast to Janette - deranged psychopath & whore Ronda Wark was a beer swilling compulsive liar when she was expelled from high school circa 1971, just like the freemason  multi-government faked “Leanne Walters” (2012 version of the book linked at right after they removed Janette's B&W photo of her adult face aged 28 & mother of 3 boys aged 6, 8, &10 defaming Janette by claiming Janette was a the only female "murder victim" a "bikie moll" aged 14) from the Fathers Day 1984 Milperra (Beaconsfield NSW) shooting chronology of massive pedophile freemason supporting government bullshit.

FYI: 1984 Labor party prime minister Bob Hawke was a pedophile supporting freemason in the 1970s.

These (majority) Australian (state & federal) government public officer actions establish that they pride themselves in being the worst possible version of themselves that they can be because they can. When you or me point that out to them they only get worse proving they have a majority of psychopaths in their ranks.

So, where non-government organisations may have their employee of the month awards, I’m quietly confident government departments have their wanker of the month awards complete with a public pat on the head and secret doggy treat; I guess you are what you eat.

Your Australian Liberal and Labor governments have NEVER investigated or charged anyone for any of the multiplicity of physical crimes against people that I personally witnessed as an adult or child; so now you can't rightly say you didn't know. The truth is 'out there' you just need to be willing to look for the human garbage.

This is what I would say if I were to file a summons covering things I can prove 100% in 2019 covering all the illegal things public officers in Adelaide and their civilian accomplices have done to me since I came to Adelaide in 2004, no its not proofread:-

2019 A Statement of Claim About 21st Century Australian Government Public Officers.pdf


These crimes were born in an era when homosexuality was a crime and raping children was also a crime but socially acceptable to government public officers and their clergy. Its not just me whose been harmed by these criminally inclined Australian citizens or non-citizen resident immigrants, its my entire extended family; my children; my grandchildren; my siblings; my nieces and nephews; my mum; and her mum.


Below are some indicators our Australian governments of people are needy, incompetent and mentally unstable. Needy means they need to justify their employment (or election) by being incompetent to create more jobs to address their own incompetence; thus, the circle of incompetence perpetually regenerates itself. Parasites.

I'm sure every NON government person has their own extensive list of premeditated government incompetence. So why are we putting up with this shit? The simple answer is the needy are in the majority and its bipartisan, supported by both sides of government. Its more than a little shocking, its terrorism according to this no reply email letter, its supported by your current Liberal party state government, or is it?

In 2003 I got a response from the prime minister's office that intentionally spelt my first name wrong, that PM's wife and myself have the same first name spelt the same way, its only pedophile supporting freemason NSW police and NSW court clerical staff who persist in spelling my first name wrong (Jeanette) in official NSW court records, right click on extract of the "illegal" Goulburn NSW 2004 police charge sheet at right, or left click for the full 2004 PDF proving these crimes supported by your elected politicians their silence is painfully deafening. Spinless scum.


2010s: I complained about being surgical raped, to pedophile supporting Adelaide SA police.

So they arranged for my drivers licence to be unlawfully cancelled indefinitely.

2000s: I sued Adelaide SA freemason supporting politicians for protecting those who surgically raped me.

So they had their underlings unlawfully and secretly deem me schizophrenic in government record so they didn't have to investigate anything I said, despite my evidence.

2000s: I complained to Goulburn NSW police, about my house being broken into by a freemason supporting police family.

So they arrested me their crime supporting magistrate imposed a 5 year AVO on me to silence my words and sentenced me for offending police I have a criminal record for matters that are not crimes in Australia, still your government remains supportive of their criminal mates in police uniform.

1990s: I reported child sex crimes, to freemason supporting police in Campbelltown NSW.

So Medicare Australia sanctioned criminal actions of surgical rape to me.

1982, I reported child sex crimes, to freemason police in Nowra NSW.

So police identified my face internationally as a deceased person.

1971, I punched Rhonda Wark (Mrs Brooks in 1980s, Mrs Halls in 1990s) the daughter of a freemason policeman in the upper arm once after months of her punching me in the stomach as she walked past me at Campbelltown High School, NSW .

So she had me raped multiple times and spent the rest of her life telling everyone it was me who bullied her at high school to enlist the (majority) psychopaths in Australian governments to assault me from time to time for no reason at all. 

1967, I witnessed the pack rape of 2 boys and the murder of one of them inside the meeting of an Australian freemason pedophile cult (Campbelltown NSW) which included local policeman Jum Imbert and other government public officers, including my male parent employed by NSW department of housing (1960s) and NSW department of main roads (1970s).

I told every adult I knew, I thought they all ignored me, clearly I was wrong.

What does it say about a medical industry and legal industry who "officially" diagnose you as insane for constructively criticising them for their wilful shortcomings, who retaliate, further, by illegal criminal activity like attempted murder (refusing you antibiotics) and refusing you access to pain preventing medical treatment and your right to compensation for Assault Battery & False Imprisonment torts and false defamation in a court of Australian law - and the right to protection under criminal law from the same "government authorised" lunatics?

Not even Salman Rushdie was treated that bad by Muslims, but then again we are

talking about vindictive Christians with very long history of insane cruelty.

"Lack of access to justice puts us on the road to unwinding the weave which holds our civil society together."

Justice David Brown in York U v Markicevic 2013 ONSC 4311 (USA)

THIS WEBSITE REQUIRES LARGE MONITOR - NOT SUITABLE FOR MOBILE PHONE VIEWING.                                    Definition of a Australian terrorist activity defined here.


A few words on premeditated medical negligence in Australia, you almost need a medical degree to make sure the majority of neurotic participants in Australian medical profession doesn’t maim or kill you when you justly complain about their unprofessional work. I don’t expect perfection, I do expect basic competence in compliance with my rights and their responsibilities pursuant to Australian medical industry “doctor-patient medical service” law. I complain, I’m falsely branded “schizophrenic” and illegally arrested by medical doctors whose criminal actions are supported by parliament and police. That an oppressive dictatorship or what?

1976 multiple actions of medical negligence by multiple medical profession government public officers caused me to come within minutes of dying from infection caused haemorrhage 7 days after childbirth. When I was readmitted to the same (Camden NSW) public hospital through the ER, totally paralysed from the infection, a female recorded on my chart I had breast cancer and scheduled me for surgery to remove my breasts. The lawyer my husband and I saw advised us not to sue because “they will make your life hell” if we did “they” being the medical profession.

October 2019 I had a chest CT at Australian Radiology Hove (Adelaide SA) who wanted me to sign an authority to release all my past present and future medical records to any doctor who asked and got angry at me because I refused, as did my referring McLaren Vale SA doctor who refused to address the CT diagnosed emphysema. emphysema can generate more serious breathing problems and ignored his blood test results indicating I have “inflammation” and potential pre-diabetes. Vindictive or what?

I formally complained to Australian Radiology and the McLaren Vale family practice but I'm still to get a response almost three weeks later.

November 2019 I had an ultrasound on my legs at Radiology SA Seacombe Gardens (Adelaide SA) due to the massive pain in one leg apparently associated with the many years untreated Baker cyst at the back of (both) legs. I’ve had right knee multiple cysts partially treated after a negligent footpath greenery overgrowth accident. The radiographer recorded I complained of “pain in both legs” which is negligently false. I complained of pain in the left leg only, lower and upper left leg, forcing me to use walking sticks, plural. I complained to referring doctor and radiographer of involuntary muscle contractions in 4 places in back of “both” legs; top and base of each long muscle in each leg half. (I didn’t say the contractions were accompanied by electrical sparking.) Both the radiographer and radiologist thought it was amusing I was complaining of pain and treated me with contempt “as if I was faking it” despite the presence of the still undiagnosed painful lumps on my left leg (singular) the referring doctor refused to address the both legs Baker cyst and refused to acknowledge that my upper leg pain was probably hip joint related. I got a referral to a neurosurgeon not an orthopaedic specialist. Untreated Baker cyst can burst causing the painful leaching of fluid into the lower leg. The very young referring (Adelaide SA) Seaford Heights doctor uses her youth (as many women do) to act “medically ignorant” of all my symptoms in her “tight lip” secretive approach to my treatment. She also decided not to treat my emphysema and blood test inflammation etc. Can’t be a coincidence, sure looks like an unlawful conspiracy to harm me.

Similar things happen when you complain about a few "criminally bad" police, all police refuse to recognise you as a person; same with the legal profession, and in politics (Labor and Liberal party members) and same in (Adelaide SA) State judiciary. The majority of people running Australia are neurotic, thin-skinned psychopaths who refuse to take responsibility for their OWN mistakes, vindictive people with far too much power over the rest of us and they illegally use it to harm us, intentionally. It happens so often there's a TORT LAW for it; "misfeasance" and "unlawful conspiracy"; which is great if you can make it through the 10+ year civil court process alive.

What "nerve" causing multiple lumps between your skull and scalp, @fontinelle and @crown, then "intermittently" sends painful electrical sparking radiating across your scalp and down your forehead into your eyes?


Only when I'm in Seaford SA and on 
my own State housing, rental property.
Evidently why I now have no eyebrows, very short eyelashes and my eye colour has notably darkened. Similar sparks and "vibrations" on my legs appear to be "the reason" I now have no hair on my legs and all my domestic pets shake their ears when near me.

Criminal assault or what?

Possibly an equally important question; why is it that my "criminally hostile" neighbour across the road has a very large (State Housing landlord prohibited) UHF antenna on his “tiled roof” and it’s the only UHF antenna in our area pointed “east-west” (directly at my property)?
Everyone else’s TV antenna including mine is pointed north east - south west.