Latin maxim “Quando aliquid prohibetur ex directo, prohibetur et per obliquum” means when something is prohibited directly, its prohibited indirectly.  Except in Australia where government public officers are largest organised crime network, they believe they're personally and individually above the law. Anticipating a long political career, parliamentarians became their unconstitutional accomplices in crime against Commonwealth enabling other public officers to cross the line from political policy into terrorism. Despite the illegality of their actions general news media silently support their government's terrorism in alleged democracies. That's something every person should be concerned about else one day we'll all be exactly like North Korea.   I don't mean ruled by man with bad haircut.

All that's needed to prove extensive AUSTRALIAN taxpayer funded TERRORISM is in the 7 links above.

unplug from the Matrix

Above: 1985 and 1986 Janette's male parent. Due to their common Freemason oath of unquestionable loyalty under threat of murder by other Freemasons, Australian Freemason paedophiles are protected by their fellow Freemasons employed in government including police services and protected by prominent Freemason politicians like ex-prime minister Bob Hawke, and protected their political supporters of Labor Party or Liberal party on political grounds whose political allegiance to secure government involves doing, “Whatever it takes” according to ALP's Graham Richardson's 1994 paperback.

There's also the probability that Jack Bassett didn't suicide, he may have been murdered when he tried to have my male parent charged for chilkd sex assault. Naturally there's also the probability, based on Jack's police detective son's statement to me in his belief I killed his dad, that probability is that they kidnapped me from my home on evening of 24 April 1988 when they came calling after dark, (that I remember) when I was drugged I took or was given a pistol in a drugged state and then I was ordered to shoot Jack Bassett. Personally I have a very veiled fractured memory of such an event but I can't put a date on it. I'm more than willing to undergo forensic hypnotism to discover the truth. I remind all and sundry, I'm terrified of guns after being subjected to my male parent constantly threatening to shoot our dog Buffalo and my mum for as long as I can remember as a toddler small enough to fit me and Buff the dog under one chair in our Bunyan NSW kitchen. My ex-mother-in-law Janet M Hall, (Owen's mum and member of Sydney Rifle Club) can testify how afraid I am of guns when she showed me her rifle circa 1991. I didn't realise how damaged I was until I saw the rifle sitting on their kitchen table.

Most of you have seen bits of the Underbelly TV series. The old saying is “Its as smooth as the underbelly of a pig.”

You'd be a fool to believe all Australian police were the heroes in the crime scene linked to the TV Underbelly events and none were the villains deeply entrenched in the crime scene, specifically considering the many Royal Commissions into police have revealed a strong history of internal police crime. Just saying, I have no evidence on that.

Best Practice for mitigating loss: Historically, the modus operandi of Australian government when they've been negligent causing you physical or psychological harm, is to illegally refuse you access to reasonable medical services to address the medical conditions, in response to their 'loss assessment' of the situation. Followed up as a chaser, they, (government public officers) refuse you access to the civil courts by their actions or omissions and deny you reasonable protection under criminal law. Whose been in a similar situation and discovered this? This is the basis of EVERY harm I've suffered through my life since I was raped by a state government public officer inside a commonwealth government owned building; I was rescued by a commonwealth government public officer hero who threw the rapist off me, (my mum) My Freemason male parent was the rapist. The date? Afternoon of their wedding anniversary on 3 March 1959. If you've been paying attention that's 14 years after they were married, (see below.) 

I remembered because mum said, "Aub you promised, its our anniversary." In response to seeing him drunk again. He punched her in the face as his reaction to his young gently wife crying. I can even remember what they were wearing, what was said before during and after my brutal rape by my drunken male parent. I had to be stitched to stop me bleeding to death but male parent wouldn't let mum take me to get it done at first. Not talking about just me, but for everyone else including me, its a 'class action' waiting that will never happen because we have organised criminals in control of our governments, it will continue to happen to our children and adult Australians while you sit there deluding yourself that its not still happening in 2019, when clearly it is, this website alone proves that.


Had my male parent been charged he would have received medical treatment for his paedophilia; but that wouldn't have suited the plans NSW government officials had for him in their desire to cover up their own more sinister crimes.

The other members of my family failed to understand that underlying situation, to the detriment of myself and my several Australian born children.


"absolute power corrupts absolutly ... great men are almost always bad men" John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton

1st Baron Acton 1834-1902


My paternal ancestors were unjustly treated by Australia's Colonial Government. Their Australian Story tells of innocent people being used and abused by our colonial government to give unjust enrichment to crooks and un-convicted hardened criminals within the government itself. Did you know 455 convict ships sailed to Australia, each ship had a couple of hundred 'convicts' their crimes ranged from being homeless to murder. In my opinion that was probably the cruellest decisions of any King or Queen in recorded human history, to permanently separate thousands of family members; sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, all the lost grandchildren. You'd be mad to think any royal family or elected politician actually cares about the citizens, they think of us like ants in an ant colony; who cares about one when there's lots of us and we're easily replaced.


These things I discovered today 9 May 2019. The evidence indicates my second great grandfather, Thomas Peasland was sentenced in England to 7 years in Australia for highway robbery which appears to have been quite commonplace due to politics. You'll recognise several last names of current or recent politicians in the above list of 668 Convicts Convicted of Highway robbery.


After their sentence was up they probably weren't given the opportunity to return to England. he decided to stay in Australiaseveral years in NSW prison unjustly, where he died circa 1847, on a false vindictive charge based purely on the pedigree of Peasland lower grade cattle, (branded TP) who were willingly mix grazed with the accuser's cattle, (branded TI) that would naturally produce better stock. The accuser, Thomas Icely, claimed Thomas Peasland fudged Icely's 'TI' brand to make Peasland's 'TP' brand. When the evidence suggests the 'TP' stock was bettered by Icely's agreement to allow the cattle to jointly graze naturally creating the difference. After the Star Chamber court imprisoned Thomas Peasland the criminally inclined governor of the day unjustly confiscated Thomas Peasland house and land and stock then sold it for a pittance to the accuser. Which was probably the grand plan when my second great grandfather Thomas Peasland was allowed to graze his inferior cattle with his neighbour's superior stock.


My 3rd Great grandfather's neighbour, Thomas Icely (1797-1874) was a criminally inclined NSW colony politician. He was a nominee NSW Legislative Councillor from 1843-1853 the period of time Thomas Peasland was unlawfully charged imprisoned and his property stolen by politician Thomas Icely. Thomas Icely remained in government from 1855-1856 upon establishment of, (cough splutter) responsible government. Internet sources boast Thomas Icely was a 'successful' politician for over 30 years and consistent supporter of the governor/s, probably because the NSW governors readily stole for his fellow politicians to make them all very wealthy indeed, they were dictators. History claims our colonial government were autocrats but in fact they were dictators, they had no one to answer to. The English monarch certainly didn't give a damn about the people they sent to Australia. The dictators who have controlled Australia since the invasion continued the trend after Federation. History bears witness to that, the unspoken truth. Truly Brothers In Arms. They were probably also Freemasons.


The illegal government possession and sale to Thomas Iceley rendered my second great grandmother Elizabeth Peasland and her nine children with Thomas, helpless and homeless, great uncle John Piesley the oldest was only 13. (John was hung 15 years later, equally unjustly.) The government's actions forced John Piesley into a life of crime to be able to house and feed his family. John's mum Elizabeth was brought to Australia as her mum was pregnant when convicted she was born in transit. Therefore, all of Elizabeth's children were Australian born citizens. The colonial government decided to treat Elizabeth and her children as convicts. That's business as usual for modern government.


This is a similar scenario to my experience with governments; I was illegally dismissed in 1999 from my elected position after I complained about indecent assault by a fellow local government councillor. South Australia government public officers falsified my government medical record to claim I had been assaulted by a STATE member of parliament instead, probably to enlist support from fellow government public officers on their political affiliations.


My other experience with government was when NSW police and others assisted my then defacto to steal my NSW land in 1991 then Commonwealth public officers sold it to my ex-defacto in the year 2000 for a small fraction of its worth leaving me and my several children chronically homeless.


John (Jack) Piesley was imprisoned for theft of livestock where he met 4 years older Frank Gardiner who easily lured the lad into bushranger status due to the unjust colonial government theft of John's family home and the unjust death of his dad in prison on false charges. John (Jack) Piesley strenuously objected to any inference of violence in his criminal behaviour in the local newspapers where he acted like a genuine Robyn Hood, robbing from the wealthy to feed his, government made poor family. Only one woman who knew him from childhood made a claim he was violent to her. She was probably related to the police.


This is a similar scenario to my experience with governments; a girl I went to Campbelltown NSW high school with, Rhonda Wark, perpetually assaulted me then had me raped in 1971 when I was 15, because I defended myself once from her violent attacks. She defames me perpetually even today to her NSW police family and anyone gullible enough to listen, by falsely claiming I had beaten her on a regular basis at school. Which may be why I was accused of being a 14 / 15 year old whore by police families through the Brothers In Arms police book first published in 1989. Despite the multiple false claims in the book the NSW and commonwealth government made it into a TV mini series in 2012.


John (Jack) Piesley was hung on the charge of shooting a man during an altercation not associated with his bushranger antics in a period of Australia where many people carried pistols. The altercation was instigated by the man who was shot. It appears on the available evidence that John (Jack) Piesley acted in self defence when shooting the man he was hung for killing. Despite shooting at and wounding NSW police convicted bushranger Frank Gardiner was made a free man and allowed to leave for United States of America.


All other bushrangers were shot or hung including Ben Hall (related to my ex-defacto Owen Hall who was unjustly enriched when he stole my house in 1991 assisted by NSW police.)


Ben Hall partnered with Frank Gardiner when they stole a large amount of money and gold. Ben Hall and the others were shot by police or civillians, but Frank Gardiner was spared death; and his loot was never accounted for. Evidently Frank Gardiner's stolen booty was used to bribe the high profile criminal government officials of the day who agreed to release Frank Gardiner from prison and make Frank Gardiner a free man in exile. Exactly like Australia's modern day conman Christopher Skase.


This is a similar scenario to my experience with governments; South Australia police charged me aged 51, with assaulting a 30 something year old police man after I defended myself from his assault on me. Then he grievously assaulted me and my 15 year old daughter during his illegal arrest of me. We were denied medical treatment for the 2007 criminal assaults we suffer the long term effects of not receiving appropriate treatment some 12 years later. Evidently so the government gets to skip their criminal and civil liability over the criminal assaults.


Its all about Power Politics & Possessions.


In the interim government public officers have extensively falsified my medical records to falsely attribute me with the status of a dangerously violent mental illness, despite the evidence to the contrary, evidently to justify their personal attacks on me and my children.


Therefore the evidence strongly suggests the colonial Australia court system was more a Star Chamber that convicted people based on their political or social status or popularity, rather than a court of due process of law.


Australia's unjust Colonial government had a solid start with criminal activities in the government generally in policing and in the lower court system. A criminal disposition that they carried on after our Constitution and Federation of the states last century, evidenced in the lack of due process from the multiplicity of their fake independent investigating bodies run by a still extensively corrupt government and lower court system; only to be corrected by the higher courts at great cost to the citizens. The political government would correct this by corrupting the entire court process rather than correcting their illegal criminal habits as evidenced in this website and my life at the hands of rather greedy brown-nosing Australians in power.


In order for an individual or group to oppress another individual or group, they find something negative about them, or create a negative if there is none to be found, then they repeat it over and over, despite its inaccuracies or falseness.


  1. Just as the Adelaide department of health have done to me this century by claiming I'm delusional, then created a false mental health record based on their uncorroborated 'belief' system.

  2. Just like the NSW department of police did in 1980s when they spread the false rumours claiming I was “Leanne Walters, a teenage bike whore who caused men to suicide and loved paedophiles then faked her own death to reinvent herself.”

  3. Just like the kids from my high school did in 1970s after they raped me, then claimed I was a 'gang-banger.'

  4. Just like Freemason police daughter Rhonda Wark did, when I hit her back once for her months of punching me in 1970s, she got support to have me raped by claiming I'd been constantly hitting her.

  5. Just like NSW education department did when they repeated us in 1966 after we go hepatitis A; claiming we weren't smart enough to proceed to year five.

  6. Do you see any pattern yet?


One of many oddities in Australian government records is that in NSW Births where records begun in 1851, there's no last name 'Peasland' recorded for any birth in NSW, none at all. Which is odd considering the many internet genealogy claims that many were born and recorded. So where have they gone? Probably in the same filing cabinet as my great grandfather Georde Arthur FRANCIS who married a Peasland (aka Piesley or Peisley) You can now understand why they often changed their name.

A spot of interest, when my 3rd great grandfather Thomas Peasland came to NSW on the ship Agamemnon, it sailed on 22nd April 1820, another convict passenger was a William Worrall, thre is only one William Worrall in the convict list. not sure if the same 'William George Worrall' who was later hung for the murder of Frederick George James Fisher in my home town of Campbeltown NSW, the reason for the annual Fisher's Ghost Festival. William George Worrall could have been a private passenger, don't know. By the way, there is a very angry spirit in the old Town Hall. I encountered it in the downstairs kitchen when I was about 16.

Above: Janette's heat hot neck: click for public interest, also CLICK. This website proves beyond any doubt that:

Asking an Australian government, or public or private medical doctor, to address surgical rape or public officer crime,

is like asking America's hooded Ku Klux Klan to address apartheid.

Who are you?

Patriot or Nationalist or Humanist?

Why do we need labels? Why can't we all be decent to each other? Being decent doesn't mean you have to like everyone, just means you're not a contemptuous arse to everyone you don't like.

The sort of people who'd turn a family against their youngest member to save themselves from the responsibility of their monstrous crimes, have to be to lowest form of intelligence on this planet. They are also the type of person who in their professional capacity will lie to better themselves in their field or their social status. These personality 'traits' aptly describes the majority of people in positions of power in Australia. I shit you not. The mindset of these people is something that would no doubt fascinate any criminal psychologist worth their salt.

Political parties as we know them should be criminalised.


Why? Political parties operate in the same way as the globally accepted definition of "serious and organised crime" thus; "Organised crime can be defined as serious crime planned, coordinated and conducted by people working together on a continuing basis. Their motivation is often, but not always, financial gain. Organised criminals working together for a particular criminal activity or activities are called an organised crime group."  This webpage was deleted minutes after I sourced it on 4 May 2019.

The promises political parties make to you at election time are legislated to be accepted as lies. That's why they call them "election promise" it's a nice way of saying they're only puffery, also known as lies. Moreover, because they, (political parties) control parliament there is no way to make them legally accountable for their criminal activities, it's never happened and never will under the current structure of political parties in a, (fake)  democracy. That children, is why corruption of your government persists despite that you live in a democracy.

I know my mum did all she was capable of doing in the climate of last century when male domination was enforced with Australian law. Freemasons police turned a blind eye to Freemasons who were paedophiles and wife beaters. They still do. I've always mis-judged mum on the basis of the strength of my personalty, took me a long time to understand that she was never as strong as me.

Above: Janette and her nephews Arthur and James, her sons Daniel and Lee in 1986 at Silverdale NSW. (always in my thoughts, Glenn included.) 

Above: Janette and her niece Samantha, nephews Dale and Miles in 1984 at Woolpack Close Elderslie NSW. (always in my thoughts, Cassandra included.) 

Above: Yes I'm a failure at spelling when stressed. Janette and her niece Melody in 1972 (always in my thoughts, Mark included.) Yes, Janette has large hands..

Above: Janette and her mum Gladys in 1985. 


The secret to a long marriage and happy family is make your wife too afraid to leave you.


My Male Parent:

If my male parent was loved at all it was because they didn’t know who he really was as they were brainwashed. My own sons tell me a reality they believe that is enormously wrong. I know my family were brainwashed by Sydney or Canberra Freemasons to conceal the history of their child sex crimes.

My oldest child was lured away from me and kidnapped by my male parent when my son was aged 14 and Camden NSW police refused to do anything, despite knowing my male parent was a paedophile. Centrelink even paid the kidnapper Child Endowment for the kidnapped child, knowing he had been kidnapped by an alleged paedophile, (November 1988).

To con my 14 year old son away from home, my Freemason male parent had convinced my mother before they told my first son he was my male parent’s son - which was all bullshit. Sydney NSW police were happy with my male parent claiming he had sex with his daughter and produced a child. Again it is bullshit. DNA tests could have proved it by 1988. Before that I’d not included the father’s name on this child’s birth certificate. My parents were given a copy of my son’s birth certificate, illegally, and told my son this was proof his grandfather was his dad. My son only told me many years later in about 1999, so I contacted the boy’s real dad and got his consent to have his name amended on the birth certificate in 2000.

It wasn't the first time my parents falsely defamed me by telling their Campbelltown NSW friends my first born was my male parents’ child. They did it in the first year he was born, 1974. Meanwhile the Freemason sons and daughter who raped me in 1971 or 1973 were spreading the false rumours I was a gang-banger. If I hadn't have been raped I'd be a virgin until I met my first child's dad. They, (Sydney Freemasons) expected me to break, but I remained strong because I’m an INTJ personality and a ‘medium’.

My 3 sons I haven’t seen because of the Freemason crimes against us; and my nieces and nephews I haven’t seen since 24 April 1988 when I caught my male parent sexually assaulting my 4 month old baby son, in response to me knowing what my male parent was doing, my nephew sunk his teeth into my male parents arm drawing blood. My sister Sharon, his mum slapped him on the head she didn't care about the reason, she knew, she banned me from seeing her children because I spoke the truth about our pedophile Freemason male parent; she was brainwashed by local Freemason police just like rest of my birth family.

I don’t blame the survivors, my mother, sisters or brother for their actions. Certainly not their children. I know from first hand experience they're weak willed, not like me, that's why I thought I was adpoted when I was a child Sharon. My siblings and mum were very obviously brainwashed from time to time, so was I as I forgot chunks of things untill triggers made me remember, sometimes years later. I can’t necessarily prove the brainwashing without subjecting them to psychological trauma that would make them remember. I’d rather not do that. I can prove it by what’s happened, the timeline of events, and how they happened, their outcomes and what my birth family and children now say about me based on what I can prove is true.

I endured a lot of hardships from my un-intelligent birth family treating me like the idiot they were. It took me until my 32nd year, seeing the rape of my then youngest child on 24 April 1988 to snap me out of it and split from my birth family. “There’s none so blind who will not see.”

. How many coincidences make up a bullshit tale?

It’s a hard pill to swallow considering the history of Sydney NSW police falsifying official records, including moving bodies at the crime scene on Fathers’ Day 1984, in the same event they claimed it was me murdered in 1984 and I was 14 and my name was Leanne WALTERS. All of which is bullshit.

So, despite the fact there was an alleged DNA test that proves his last name is COFFEY not FRANCIS, can you see I'm having a little trouble accepting the DNA test wasn't faked from some point when it left Australia, went to America, then back again to Australia. Why did it need to go to America anyway?

My instinct tells me its yet another Sydney POLICE LIE

My siblings didn't bother to tell me our male parent died last year or that mum had a stroke earlier this month. I've been hiding out on the electoral roll under 'Hall' then my birth name since about 2009 and at my website, since 2013.

Alan was still on my side back in 1988/89 after our male parent kidnapped my son, until the Freemasons got to Alan too, they got to Sharon in 1984 or 85 when she was still also living in Elderslie - remember 'Peter and Rose' Sharon? They lied when they said I never knew them - they only knew me because they were screwing us over Sharon, that's why they ran out your side door when I came in your front door. Do you remember that Sharon? They were screwing with your brain to turn you against me. They have followed me since I was in 282 St Johns Road Bradbury circa 1982, they followed me around NSW, down to Bowral, up to Branxton (where he worked at the Post Office or postal delivery) then they followed me down to 53 Gibson Street Goulburn, (where they moved in across the road after he sat in his little red Mitsubishi car out front of my place every day for over a week snarling at me whenever I drove past) they kept trying to get friendly as if I didn’t know who they were. Chances are they probably also followed me to Adelaide in 2004. Goulburn NSW police said it wasn't a crime for them to follow me.

I remembered them as I got the feeling ‘Peter and Rose’ is their real names, because what a coincidence when a Mr Peter ROSE was the name of my Nowra optometrist, (circa 1983) who arranged my first pair of contact lenses, then next thing these strangers pop up in my life claiming they know me and they're called ‘Peter and Rose’. Circa 1982 was when I first went to Nowra police to try to get them to investigate my male parent for paedophilia, a matter that was reported to police by that child victim circa 1998, (not me). Police refused to investigate my male parent on the sole basis he was a brother Freemason.

I remember things that match like a puzzle even months, years or decades later because I’m an INTJ personality. That I only discovered a few years ago, (on the insistence of my youngest son who thought I was different rare personality type) until then I thought everyone used the same deductive logical thought processes exactly like me. It was a shock for me to find out that was not the case. I can't understand how you cope with the world as it is. I feel sorry for you.

Australian Freemason police have caused an enormous amount of harm in my family, now they're inferring its OK because we're part of the CRAP NSW police 'family'. When I was about 7 or 8 I had a reoccurring dream; my birth family were trapped under a huge flat boulder in a rock house. Despite being the youngest, I was  the only one strong enough to lift the boulder. It was a prophecy of what has happened to my birth family at the hands of Australian Freemasons and their historical child sex trade. 


If I'm forced to choose between my children and my parents, it's a no-brainer, I chose my children every time.


As for my Freemason male parent, I hope there is a hell and he's in it with all his Freemason mates who raped and killed the boys, as I witnessed at the Allman Street Campbelltown NSW Freemason Lodge circa 1967 - along with all the people who covered that and many other Australian child sex crimes, last century and this. When I caught my male parent sexually assaulting my 4 month old baby, it shocked, angered and outraged me but didn’t cause me to cry. I had to stay focussed to get justice for my baby and everyone else involved. When I realised as the hours went by that the Freemason police were going to cover it up and the government hospital were also going to cover it up. I became more focussed and more determined not realising that justice for Freemason child-sex-crime victims is a non-event in Australia.

But when I discovered, (3 full days of horror after the event) that my now confirmed paedophile male parent had criminally kidnapped my oldest child, I sobbed uncontrollably every day in the shower for the next 12 months. The tears were mostly for my son, partly for the child I was, partly for my other children, partly for their cousins, partly for my siblings, partly for my mum, partly for the family I knew I’d never have. Through the day I taught myself how computer hardware and software worked. Twelve months later in November 1989, I opened my computer shop repairing and building personal computers. Never defeated I evolved into a new me. Hence, I have no tears for my male parent, if the Devil himself asked me to push the button to fry my male parent I’d do it without a second thought or a backward glance. I can’t miss a dad I didn’t have.


Will someone please tell my 92 year old mother 'I love her, always have, always will; I know it was the Freemasons' not you mum.


Janette Gail FRANCIS.

Being deported back to your country after you apply for political asylum saying you have proof that you'll be murdered if you return to your country but the authority refuses to look at your evidence – is the same as – having your medical record at your local GP marked with claim's you have a mental illness on the basis that you told the GP you have proof of being surgically medically raped involving government officials and the GP refuses to look at your evidence. Both have happened in recent history in our modern Australia.


I have the hard evidence that proves Australia in the 21st century is stocked with possibly 95% of sadistic psychopaths in positions of authority in both government and private sectors in health law and politics. I've had to learn how to read radiology images, (the hard way) over the past 14 years to be able to prove what I knew years before. Despite being an INTJ introvert personality or perhaps because, I have the same emotional strength that was portrayed in the movie 'Braveheart' of both great uncle William Wallace and great grandfather Robert de Bruce; and great grandfather the king they called Longshanks. My fight is for the other 5% of good decent people, even if they're part of the ones who've called me 'crazy' I'll fight with every ounce of my existence but my fight is with the words in law, because that's the right thing to do on every level. True to form my opponents fight involves baseless false defamations and their equally baseless, criminal physical vendettas. The little bit of Irish, (Stephen from Ireland) in me says its not going to end the way they tink it will.

When government public officers look at civillians all they see are dollar signs. It was government public officers who had me illegally surgically raped in thr 1990s, that's obviously why I can't get any medical doctors to stand by me, its the MILGRAM element,

crime is always all about Power Politics & Possessions.



Short video to prove, (my hand) Liverpool Xray film is not a fake digital image, its a real government medical conspiracy of Australian government registered and practising medical doctor criminals right here in Australia's 21st century. Do you want to wait until its you or your loved one experiencing these outrageous medical crimes?

How much more evidence do you need?

How To
Spot A Medical Criminal

THIS WEBSITE REQUIRES LARGE MONITOR - NOT SUITABLE FOR MOBILE PHONE VIEWING.                                    Definition of a Australian terrorist activity defined here.


Obviously specialist medical doctors

Mr Glen SCHLAPHOPP and Mr Arvin Kumar DAMODARAN criminally falsified both report and image.


Either both thumbs are dislocated yet only one looks dislocated from the outside; or NSW government public officers falsified my medical diagnosis in radiology, reversing the right hand presenting it as the left hand after they did 2 xrays of my both hands in this position.

Above: (hands down) This is what a conspiracy looks like, grasshopper. This radiology event proves 100% that a criminal conspiracy exists between 3 groups; New South Wales and South Australia state governments; and Australia's entire medical profession, because this lie about my right thumb NOT being dislocated has been carried by every medical doctor I've consulted since it was dislocated by two police persons from Adelaide's Christies Beach police station on 2 May 2007. Look at the 2 hands in picture Liverpool Xray (above) the left side hand has a much higher exposure than the right side hand, proving they're from 2 separate original images


Left: The referral from the one doctor who said to me he thought my thumb was dislocated or broken. He ticked the 'broken' box. State health public officers refused to fix my thumb, (Flinders Medical Centre Orthopaedic Clinic Adelaide.) Possibly due to the fact that it was 2 state police officers who criminally assaulted me, (without justification) and caused the injury. Legal mitigation of loss and all that.

Its always all about

Power Politics & Possessions.

Clearly the people who have embaressed themselves by their own actions retold in this website ARE amongst the sadistically psychopathic 65% ers' of Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram's, May 1962, experiments in obedience. This was 3 years after I'd been raped as a toddler by a Freemason who was protected by his his brother NSW Australia police Freemasons, (including Bob Hawke ex-prime minister) right up to the rapist Freemason's death at 95, in 2017.

Most North Americans came from the same gene pool as most Australians.


Milgram's study found 65% of the United States of America population of men between a certain age, living, working, or studying at or near Yale Unversity were medically CONFIRMED on video (above in part), as sadistic murdering psychopaths with no regrets, willing to murder a stranger on instruction from someone they thought had authority to give them immunity from prosecution for murder. - If it was real, like my dislocated hand etcetera, it would have been a government conspiracy to torture innocent people for the sake of furthering medical industry.

ABOVE: 1882 Marriage record of George Arthur FRANCIS to Jane PIESLEY, sister to bushranger Jack Piesley 1835-1862.

BELOW: 1844 Birth record George A. COFFEY. There is NO Francis and no Arthur just the letter 'A' in recorded name.

left click for link might not be same page number as I got due to my local searches. Right click image to open image in new window

Hard Pill to Swallow Fellas


Recently, (Anzac Day 2019) I discovered that it's been claimed, (in 2017) by Sydney NSW police that my great grandfather, George Arthur FRANCIS was alleged to have ran away from his Sydney home aged 14 and his dad was a Sydney policeman.

Being an INTJ personality, I'm not as gullible as my second oldest sister, Sharon Greene SEE PAGE 13 Camden Area Family History Society.

Currently on the NSW gove

My sister Sharon believes in the truth of this tall tale: Two Sydney Morning Herald newspaper articles allegedly state - his mother asking him to come home and all will be forgiven and he will be treated kindly. The other from his Freemason police father (John Christopher Coffey) threatening to charge whoever was helping George. Perhaps the little Coffey boy did run away but the claim he's my paternal great grandfather George Arthur FRANCIS is another tall, (intentionally false) story spun by NSW police. Nice try fellas.

My sister’s description of George COFFEY’s siblings to the parents Margaret Manning and police officer John Coffey, is an exact description of the composition of my children, 3 boys a 10 year gap, then a girl and boy.

rnment record of George’s marriage in 1882, it states that he was born in Sydney; that he was 37 years old; that his father was John FRANCIS; that his mother was Margaret MANNING. However, some of this information was added to George’s marriage record in 1937 by a third party, well AFTER he died circa 1912.

The additional information was added when the registers were recalled to Sydney in 1937, there’s an official stamp on the certificate to this affect. It’s not stated ‘why’ the registers were recalled to Sydney. Sydney police have a long history of on-the-job-criminal-conduct by their police. They make no secret of that and almost act very proud of their record of internal crime.

My male parent is George’s grandson. My father was aged 14 in 1937. In 1984 when I was 28, Sydney NSW police used a photo of my face to say I was a murder victim, aged 14.

Alleged 2017 DNA tests in America from samples taken in Sydney Australia claim by inference, my great grandfather, George Arthur FRANCIS, was actually born George Arthur Francis COFFEY.  The facts refute the DNA test result, on the claim the samples or result were switched in the post



My paternal great grandfathers birth certificate as FRANCIS does not appear in current NSW Birth records. However the fact he would have been forced to prove his identity when he was married remains firm; his marriage certificate records his name as George FRANCIS. It would be easy enough for corrupt government officials to make my great grandfathers NSW birth record vanish, considering they have the legal ability to falsify birth records for regular police work.

My grandfather died when my male parent was about 3 years old so there was never any family stories passed down.

NSW birth records agree that a John and Margaret COFFEY had a boy in 1844 they named 'George Arthur COFFEY' around the same time my grandfather was born 1845. However the claim his name was 'George Arthur Francis COFFEY' is not supported by NSW birth records as of 9 May 2019.

Considering NSW police were more likely than not aware of my great grandfather, being a nephew of a previously hung aged 27 in NSW, bushranger Jack Piesley, (see his story linked to sketch at right) its highly unlikely they wouldn't have known he was George COFFEY if that was the fact. As it took police 135 years to discover this alleged fact, I think its bullshit. More elements pointing to it being bullshit than fact. Personally I see the COFFEY police family bullshit as just another example of public officers shitting all over my family, because they can.

Linked to 1984 falseified police story: (see photo card above) Alleged Bandido Foggy or Foghorn was a Comanchero killed during a crime event. Snotty or Snodgrass police said hung himself in prison after receiving a card from the person identified by my face, (Janette's) in the police book Brothers In Arms, published by Allen & Unwin whose mascot is a cockatoo. (Janette) I was falsely arrested in 2004 by police who claimed my face at 28, was really murdered Leanne Walters. Allen & Unwin reprinted the book removing my face in 2012 after I threatened a civil suit. Allen & Unwin perjured themselves in Sydney Federal Court producing 1970s era photos claiming they were 1980s photos of the police faked murder victim, Leanne Walters. Police falsely used a photo of my 1989 partner, Owen Hall in Brothers In Arms, as the face of Bandido Foghorn they say hung himself in prison.


There's shit-all that you can believe when it comes from any government source in Australia and evidently also from Allen & Unwin.

Below Uncle Jack: Not the face of a 20 something year old. (see link) Before about 2006 there were NO internet stories about Uncle Jack Piesley, none.

The below link has 20 something year old Uncle Jack and his dad imprisoned both at Cockatoo Island prison where his dad died a relatively young man. Jack met Frank Gardiner in prison. Jack was released to work in Goulburn NSW but took off with Gardiner. Jack had an associate named William Fogg. Uncle Jack was hung in (Sydney) Darlinghurst prison aged 28. Frank Gardiner paid off Australian government officials to get out of jail a free man. He settled in USA where he died an old man. All other bushrangers were shot or hung.

Twenty Five (25) plus qualified medical doctors criminally insist my thumb's NOT dislocated when clearly it is.

Only one (1) GPO, (government public officer) said he thought it was broken / dislocated.


25:1 what percentage of sadistic psychopaths in Australian medical industry, is that?


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