This section is about me only so that the people I've loved in my life may come to understand me considering I've been callously divided from them to help preserve all the Australian government public officer serious of crimes.


I put me under my ancestors as to me they are the most important people in my life. Without them we would never exist. We can look to them for inspiration, guidance on what to do or not do because it failed and how we might be able to leave this life a slightly better place for us having been here, a thought shared by millions of like minds.


My favourite physical features are my very pale blue eyes, a widow's peak hairline, and glistening hair which in my observation is an ancient Scandinavian trait, mine shines copper or grey in direct sunlight. My hair was blonde until about age 9 when it started growing out as dark brown in notable streaks, since then I've had natural multi-coloured hair that at least one other elected councillor at Wollondilly had theirs streaked at the hairdresser to mimic mine in the sad belief that's how I got mine. I have a very small head that does not suffer the size for intelligence. My shoulders are very broad compared to my head and my feet and hands are broad like any man my height.


I prefer pale blue sapphires to diamonds. I like bronze and copper metals as jewellery but don't like the copper reaction on your skin, I prefer silver. Don't like gold at all which is probably due to the fact I'm allergic to it, in ear piercings gold causes my ear to be constantly infected, never healing. I've known that since I was 16, so if there are any gold components in the illegal implants inside me that would be calculated specifically to cause me serious physical harm or death.


I have greater physical strength than a female my age. When I was about 6 or 7, (without spilling any) I pushed a builder’s wheel barrow from our back yard to the front driveway (mum and dad were making) full of wet cement my dad had just mixed because he was on a break and I wanted to help. As an adult I can pick up (from the ground) a straight eight engine from an old Pontiac. I can pick up a standing person over twice my weight, because that's all about keeping your centre of balance. Generally, I fear only the thought of being a coward to bullies.


The only persons I can love unconditionally are the ones I gave birth to.


Until I lost my trust in people in the 2000, I always blushed notably whenever anyone paid me a compliment, a reaction that was mistaken for me being easily flattered, being a strong-minded introvert, I was merely embarrassed at being the centre of attention. Now after being mistreated by my fellow Australians, (frankly my dear) I don't give a damn.


I usually never make a statement that has not been researched as factual, which means I'm usually always right.


I refuse to be addicted to anything and can't understand why anyone allows themselves to be addicted, to anything. If I think I’m getting addicted to something I just stop ingesting it. Noting I took 30mg codeine for (illegal implant) pain on doctor's prescription for over a decade and stopped cold-turkey to prove to someone I wasn't addicted to it. I presume Australian federal government people who allowed me 100 tablets per doctor’s prescription for over 10 years wanted and expected me to be addicted to their codeine phosphate pills. Sucked in.


One of my adult children asked me to take a personality test in 2013. They had figured I was an INFJ personality, but I tested INTJ because I'm actually on the cusp. There are times when I flip from one to the other. In minor ways as we are none of us exactly the same. Like all INTJ people I can tell by considering something briefly, whether I can do it or not. I never say I can do something or know something that I know I can't or don't. Despite my poor natural eyesight, I have excellent space observation. Like INTJ people, I always automatically see how systems can be improved without any conscious effort at all, which also always annoys people who see themselves as my superior. I have no superior. In my opinion we are all equal its just that some are less mentally refined.


Yes I perceive most people as less intelligent but I don’t hold that against anyone. I pity you for not being able to see the simple solutions to things that would make this planet a far better place.


I was raised in an oppressive Freemason environment and punished for being individual, and constantly told I was 'stupid' at home and at school by Freemason teachers after I witnessed Freemason murder and rape of children in the 1960s. Therefore without being nurtured intellectually or encouraged to reach my potential, I thought everyone went through the same analytical and judgemental thought process as me and saw the potentials around them but simply chose to ignore them. I survived my experiences mentally unharmed because I am an INTJ personality I still thrived without affection, and because I am a seer I knew I wasn't stupid.


I am a seer, I see future events. That's not personality related. I see them in parallel with present time. I see them in half asleep visions in what presents as time travel. I feel them when people walk past me in the market place. I see them if someone enters my personal space. In the past my ancestors who shared this trait were probably burnt as a witch. With that knowledge I tend to tell people anything 'visionary' I said was just a good guess. Unless they were in immediate danger then I'd tell them to act quickly. I have a lifetime of these events that self-prove a reality most people don’t have the intelligence to understand, so they mock it, proving 100% humanity is not the most intelligent species in our known universe.


I can see by looking without measuring if something will fit in a space, can pack anything tightly without damage, and can see the difference of size between something even if it’s only a couple of millimetres. I've been the same personality all my life and nothing will make me like the sadistic lying cowards who've stalked me since the 1970s.


Until I lost my trust in people in the 2000, I always blushed notably whenever anyone paid me a compliment, a reaction that was mistaken for me being easily flattered, being a strong-minded introvert, I was merely embarrassed at being the centre of attention. Now after being mistreated by my fellow Australians, (frankly my dear) I don't give a damn.


When I was at school I never studied for any exam and always passed until my last year of school after I'd been raped.


Without study I came first in my class in Geography and French in separate years. French we only had in year 7. I found speaking the language easier on my mouth and speaking English. My teacher told me I was a natural. I told my mum who then told me we had French ancestors. I spent the entire class talking in Geography, and had a crush on the teacher who was annoyed that I got a perfect score in the exam. I was listening to him as I was talking. I had pages and pages of blank unfinished school work. I didn't need to write it down, I'd remembered everything he said.


If I didn't see a subject was logical or wasn't going to be useful in my adult like I refused to learn it. This was why I took Geography over History. We had to choose one or the other. I don't waste my time reading fantasy books as they are of no use to me. I've only ever read logic books. The only book I've read thoroughly (but not to the end as it got really boring) has been the autobiography of Mahatma MK Gandhi. I was compelled to read it as he had similar thought processes to me, and I express the word similar. The was a very logically thinking pacifist vegetarian. I had never known anyone else who thought similar to me. However I'm not a religious person. There are too many irrational flaws in the reasoning of religious people. In my mind if its not based on logic and fails to meet important tests logic then it's wrong.


Despite having the loving 'feeling' Gandhi gene I also have the seemingly cold hearted 'Judgemental' gene. I can walk away from a situation that others may think I have, or calculated that I did have an emotional bind to. I left my husband William Robert (Bob) Peters - (not police detective Peter Robert (Bob) Bradbury) because it was best for my children to leave him, despite that I still loved him with every fibre of my being. I had to leave him to protect the developing minds of my children after the Freemasons had brainwashed him to be violent towards me. If it was just me I would have stayed with Bob and tried to cure him. I did the logical thing to do and I know in the scheme of things Bob would have done the same if the tables were turned. Then to ensure I had no support group, the psychopath Freemason police (including NSW defective detective Bob Bradbury) turned their attention to brainwashing my children and my next partner, Owen Hall, and anyone else who looked like they were getting close to me as a friend. Divide and conquer.


I dumbed down intentionally in year 9 asking the teachers to be put down a class level to be with my best friend Cathy Willis who I felt needed me. Cathy had come to me asking to be my friend in year 8 as her mum told her to stay away from tearaway Rhonda McPhee who she thought was a bad influence. Her mum was very ill and dying so I felt I had a great responsibility. However Cathy was a little less adventurous than me I wanted to learn about everything. Make no mistake, I've never done anything reckless or what might be thought of as wild. This is when I befriended Liz Selsby, which was one of the worst choices I made. Liz wasted to explore the world around us but for different reasons to me. Liz also involved herself in assisting Rhonda Walk (daughter of a Freemason policeman) to procure my rape in year 9, (1971). Rhonda Walk was/is a totally insane irrational psychopathic fool. She had me raped after I hit her back once for her months of punching me in the playground because I didn't want to be her friend. During the rape I suffered a brain seizure and ended up momentary catatonic totally unable to move but I could hear and partially see my supposed good friends Elizabeth Selsby and Sharon Love laughing at the sight of me being raped. Laughing because I was motionless. This is why I failed Commerce in year 10 but I passed all other subjects and still got my School Certificate.


This event is why I have been unable to make new friends. In order to survive the rape without a breakdown I had to pretend it never happened. The alternative was to accept that my best friends had betrayed me. After my childhood, witnessing rape of many other children at the hands of my dad I had no one to talk to, no sanctuary other than withdrawal. Within days I was actively denying it within a few months I'd totally forgotten it happened. Which put me in a bad place as Rhonda was still out for revenge. She secured it again when we were in our thirties via our (separate) coal mine partners when I was known as Jenny Hall and she was known as Rhonda Halls. I managed to my detriment to suppress the 1971 rape until 1998 after I was indecently assaulted by my college and claimed friend at Wollondilly Shire Council, Councillor Michael Banasik.


Like Gandhi I see there is good in many people if not all. I can tell who's an arsehole in the first moments of talking with them as I notice literally everything about them. There are things people do they can't change, or hide that gives them away. I've tested people over the years to be able to learn this as an expert but I'd never teach it to others. It'd be like giving away the answers to an exam. Its something you must learn for yourself if you can't notice it yourself, you'll never be able to learn it even if I told you. That's my thoughts anyway.


If you notice I've told you a lot about me but not anything that will allow the psychopathic New South Wales police criminals who illegally stalk me to infiltrate my life. They have tried many times, including recently when I started a meetup.com over 50s group to test if they were still following me.


I started another meetup.com group that I never attended and passed on to another, because I knew there was a need for such a group. I can see when something is ion need or in need of perfecting and can see how to do it. I have that sort of personality. Its not being a smart-arse its just about knowing something and wanting to share it to make life for others better.


Not even my relatives can influence my choices. I do everything based on logic. To quote an often incorrectly used phrase, I know what I know and no one will ever change my mind. I have devoted my life when young to my children to allow them to grow into adulthood teaching them to think for themselves and not to do whatever I tell them to do. That was the best defence I could have given them in this world dominated by psychopaths and sociopaths. But still I have a Gandhi gene, I want to bring people together, make people equal not only in the eyes of the as its supposed to be in Australia, but equal in the implementation of the law as it is not in Australia.


When Australian law says the government is supposed to be treated in court no better than a citizen who seeks to sue them, but the parliament allows the Crown to be represented by a posy of trained monkeys, (lawyers and barristers) but refused to allow the citizen the same representation, that's by no means equal in a court of law. Give me a book of instructions I can do anything, which includes fooling a less logical group of persons into believing they understand how I think. You can't teach logic to someone without a soul.


I don't think I'm superior in any way to anyone else. Despite that I know I'm more logical than most others. Its not about being intelligent. Most psychologist have missed the point. Its about being practice, thinking in blocks of pure logic, not intelligence logic. Even the a person with minimal intelligence can be taught to think logically through repetition. Speaking of which experimenting on animals of less intelligence who depend on you to care for them is an unwritten universal crime. For every action in the universe there is an equal and opposite reaction. Just like in my commerce class when we were doing the Trial Balance. Just like when a resource is extracted from the ground. Or money is stolen from a corporation. Noting detrimental happens without a broader detrimental effect other than the obvious effect of unjust enrichment.


By the way, noting is permanent but some things will last longer than people themselves.


Which reminds me of when I slipped on the faulty travelator in Woolworths in Rundall Mall, Adelaide, on my birthday. It was the same day as the motorcycle clubs were demonstrating on the steps of Adelaide's state Parliament House. I went in specifically to literally stand with them with my children as I felt they had a valid complaint against the laws they were protesting. Still do. You may recall the High Court agreed and ruled it invalid forcing parliament to rewrite. I was unable to get any footing to stand up again after I slipped over on the down travelator and spent the entire trip down in the bleeding wound it caused to my under elbow. Staff rushed to make it look like they were helping but refused to give me so much as a a drink of water or paracetamol because she, the manager apparently, said that would be admitting liability.


Did I sue? No, only the wealthy, politically aligned, or asylum seekers have a right to sue in Australia. We have no legal aid for impoverished citizens to sue to enforce their legal rights in Australia under common law or civil law, despite the gravity or public interest of their case, and no private lawyer will represent me, so I'm forced to get a law degree to do it myself.


Probably the saddest part from all of this is that stupid people with their narrow pathetic ways of thinking actually believe that because I've been theoretically kicked from pillar to post that I'm some sacred little mouse. Buckley's.