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We've been conned into believing police are employed to protect us when that's simply not the truth of the matter. Police are employed solely to protect the best interests of the government. If their actions don't 'look good' for the government (or can't be politically exonerated) they won't act. Let me expand on that with irrefutable evidence.


Forced unlawful social visits by my landlord's agent, and the landlord's agent committing unlawful break and enter to my property (see my 21Feb18 security camera video) are in any situation, irrefutable breaches of the Residential Tenancy Act (SA) section 65 Quiet Enjoyment.


They're also breach of section 251 Abuse of Public Office, Criminal Law Consolidation Act 1935 (SA) as my landlord is South Australia state government, my landlord's agents are Government Public Officers.


Despite these events are crimes, and despite that I have these crimes on clear video security camera footage clearly identifying the criminal offenders, police still refuse to charge the criminal offenders.



In the carriage of these crimes, the criminal perpetrators have, criminally assaulted me (causing me fear) illegally gained entry to my rental property, and abuse their public office causing me harm. As I'm over 60 years, the assault is automatically deemed aggravated assault.


However because like the police, my landlord's agents are also Government Public Officers. Police won't charge them because police protect the best interests of the government NOT the people in general.


If it doesn't 'look good' for the government police won't arrest a criminal. That's why police refuse to charge the Labor Party and Liberal Party illegally protected criminals who have offended against me under criminal law.


CRIMINAL LAW CONSOLIDATION ACT 1935 - South Australia Consolidated Acts

Abuse of public office section 251(1)(a) A public officer who improperly exercises power or influence that the public officer has by virtue of his or her public office with the intention of section 251(1)(d) securing a benefit for himself or herself or for another person; or section 251(1)(e) causing injury or detriment to another person, is guilty of an offence.


Assault section 20(1)(d) A person commits an assault if the person, without the consent of another person (the "victim") does an act of which the intended purpose is to apply force (directly or indirectly) to the victim.


Aggravated offences section 5AA(d)(i) the offender committed the offence - intending to prevent or dissuade the victim from taking legal proceedings or from pursuing a particular course in legal proceedings.


Aggravated offences section 5AA(f) the offender committed the offence knowing that the victim of the offence was, at the time of the offence, over the age of 60 years.


Police are tasked with discovering the source of crimes, however selective that generally is, is not the topic here.


When you get a 'smart arse' letter from police Government Public Officers in reply to say, my procedurally correct application Freedom of Information Act 1991 (SA) its not because that police person was stupid. Far from it. That they refuse to supply their NAME is evidence of their sly underhanded and calculating criminal mind. Police make a habit of 'acting ignorant' with premeditated intent to attempt to (arguably criminally) provoke you to anger ,hoping you'll act irrationally so they can arrest you or say to their equally psychotic buddies, "See I told you she/he is crazy."


Let me explain with some pictures. Below is the FIO application response letter I recently received. It claims I failed to meet s13 of the South Australia Freedom of Information Act 1991 when in fact I properly met and legally complied with every applicable condition in section 13 being:


FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT 1991 - SECT 13 - South Australia Consolidated Acts

13—Applications for access to agencies' documents 
An application for access to an agency's document 
            (a)         must be in writing; and 
            (b)         must specify that it is made under this Act; and 
            (c)         must be accompanied by such application fee as may be prescribed; and 
            (d)         must contain such information as is reasonably necessary to enable the document to be identified; and 
            (e)         must specify an address in Australia to which notices under this Act should be sent; and 
            (f)         must be lodged at an office of the agency, and may request that access to the document be given in a particular way. 




Anyone with a functioning brain can tell my recent FOI application to police did provide "such information as is reasonably necessary to enable the to be identified."


If you skip down to the Police Department's, illegally anonymous letter below dated 12 June 2018 and signed by Mr Squiggle, you'll see they re-quoted my information which I worded my FOI application this way, exactly:-


"All correspondence between SA Police and SA Department of Transport, regarding myself Janette Francis and my drivers licence number AV4314 - from 14 Feb 2018 to 7 Mar 2018."


The unlawfully anonymous and cryptic letter below from the South Australia police department is in effect an unlawful refusal to provide me with the information that I am legally entitled to, and which incidently demonstrates PERFECTLY why many people call police pigs.


I myself used to have respect for Australian police before I had many items of irrefutable evidence in their own documents that they are indeed populated in the majority by classic mongrel pigs.



Torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment is a crime anywhere in Australia. Everyone in Australia is protected from torture pursuant to Criminal Code Act 1995 (CTH) Division 274 Torture. My state police in Adelaide can arrest and charge people for torture. The Minister responsible for enforcing our protection from and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment is the Minister for Australian Federal Police. AFP is an agency within portfolio of Minister for Home Affairs. In 2018, the Minister for Home Affairs is Peter Dutton MP. If Minister Dutton fails to protect any one of us from torture, we are eligible to apply to the High Court in Canberra Australia, for a Writ of Mandamus, in which the High Court will direct Minister Dutton to protect us pursuant to Criminal Code Act 1995 (CTH) becasue that's his statutory (legal) obligation.

My government refuse to allow me access to my legal rights because they, (politicians and their political parties) receive financial profits from criminally denying me access to my legal rights. Which makes them the ultimate human parasite. Evidently Australian lawyers, (solicitors and barristers) are happier to take bribes from Australian governments not to sue them than they are to uphold Australian law and sue Australian governments for these massive breaches of my Common Law rights, my other legal rights under criminal law and health services laws, and my basic human rights. The same can be said for news media outlets in Australia who refuse to publish any of these current Australian government human rights atrocities.

The depth of their depravity (Australian officials) would amaze any reasonable person, from ENT specialist Paul Charles Varley who said 'vision of the illegal implant cable on my nose' (video https://youtu.be/rYq2IZjI6yg) seen in CT Scan film, 'was probably evidence of my nose having been broken in the past' (it hasn't ever been been) to the criminally anonymous police person who contacted department of transport to have my 'mental health' assessed after I made an official complaint to police, about being criminally medically assaulted with illegal implants, GP Alison Barbara Jane Cole falsified her medical report to government (16 March 2018) stating I was unfit to drive due to mental illness. All refused to look at ANY of my evidence that irrefutably corroborates my claim of physical criminal assaulted in 1990s.

If I'd written the above without linking corroborating documents, you'd probably dismiss me as totally insane! Australian state and federal government public officers ignore the evidence to allow me to be falsely categorised as severely mental ill, based solely on my public complaints about the crimes they've inflicted upon me, without legal excuse. It’s not a conspiracy theory when its proven by fact.  In this website is irrefutable proof that in Australia we have 2 governing political parties whose members continue to feed money into the party, to maintain their secreted militant strength against their own citizens, arbitrarily secretly maiming and killing selected dissidents to maintain the farce of democracy. You'd have to be brain-dead not to understand the obvious. Clearly there's no long-term member of a governing political party in history of Australia who could be honestly considered as honourable, if they were they'd have not allowed the festering of criminal practices we see in government every day or resigned from their party in their first term. The problem is the political parties squeeze the criminals out like puss and you fix the problems of the country.

The 21 February 2018 criminal break and enter at my residence during state election time, was deemed by the new Liberal Party housing Minister and (police minister) as a 'legal action.' Despite that there was NO legal authority and NO prior appointment with me for housing staff to visit my residence with mental health staff and jump my locked fence in a criminal action clearly calculated to criminally threaten and intimidate me as a future witness to a court hearing. Clearly my security video proves they'd pre-arranged their illegal trespass with each other.

Evidently, because I've been forced into public housing by criminal political theft of my NSW Torrens Title then illegally forced into bankruptcy and illegally forced to pay for my defacto's loans (I had NOT co-signed) all illegally sanctioned by the Federal Australia government, it appears that South Australia state housing Public Officers believe they also have the legal right to force social visits on me by falsely inferring they have legal right to make appointments for social visits with me and bring state mental health staff into my rental residence pursuant to Residential Tenancy Act 1995 (SA). Which is total bullshit. Evidently Government Public Officers want to ensure I have no privacy, no sanctuary and no security, even in my own residence. Which was probably the ultimate aim of the theft of my real estate in 1990s.

For political party members to have acted like pack predators and prey on individuals like me, separating me from my social support people so they can attack in breach of Australian law without (me) their victim having any defences, indicates the mindset of our current Government Public Officers.

The path to politically deceiving the masses is a very slippery slope that leads only one way. Down.




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Criminally Concealed Political Bribe //2-dogs.club/chapters/criminally-concealed-political-bribe (right click images)  Link to BIKIE WARS 99.9% same book as Brothers In Arms. Listed under POSTSCRIPT, omitted NSW Police Defective detectives attending their 2nd year details about 2nd year celebration called the Viking Tie Night. Also details about Kezra's book that was funded by Federal government Australian Film Commission AFTER it was noted in this 1989 published book - evidently a criminally concealed bribe to Kezra from the Federal government political parties, Labor Party and Liberal Party. If it was legal the payment wouldn't have been concealed in this manner. 

In another high odds coincidence in the sane year Kezra Lorenz got her Australian Film Commission $2,000 “investment” cash, a Peter Leovic got a half share of a $3,000 AFC ''investment”. A self advertised Film Producer also named Peter Leovic who told me he used to live in Canberra was my landlord on 17 November 2007 when I was struck in the back of the neck by an unidentified energy field in his “investment” property I was renting in 6 Wilson Street, Christies Beach (see page 3 of my linked PDF - which is page 70 AFC Appendix to 1999/2000 Annual Report) and (see this website page link).






To falsely infer I've done something illegal to others in the community, is reckless and in breach of section 257 Criminal Law Consolidation Act 1935 (SA), Criminal Defamation. If you're a Government Public Officer chickie-babe it may also be breach of section 251 Criminal Law Consolidation Act 1935 (SA), Abuse of Public Office. Just about every criminal law has an mate under Common Law torts actionable by the aggrieved in Civil Court.



The big questions are :

1)  WHY HASN'T our 2018 (election) new state Liberal Party, state ATTORNEY GENERAL'S DEPARTMENT CHARGED these persons criminally impersonating authorised state government employees with BREAK and ENTER and CRIMINAL TRESPASS ? after I reported them with link to my LEGAL surveillance camera footage thus:



2)  WHY DIDN'T our 2014 (election) returned state Labor Party, state ATTORNEY GENERAL'S DEPARTMENT CHARGED these persons criminally impersonating authorised state government employees with BREAK and ENTER and CRIMINAL TRESPASS and UNLAWFUL IMPRISONMENT and CRIMINAL ASSAULT and BATTERY and criminal breach of the Mental Health Act for falsely signing a detention order without diagnosis as admitted in the video by government psychiatrist Georgina Ai-Chin Cheng who detained me under Janette Hall despite that I had been using my birth name Janette Francis since 2009 indicating my illegal imprisonment in that election period was political (after I reported them with link to my LEGAL camera footage thus):


Along with a host of other Adelaide, South Australia state Government Public Officers who have CRIMINLLY defamed and physically harmed me and my children since we arrived here to escape long-term criminal political persecution in New South Wales in 2004.


This post-it-note hand wrighting (above) should be compared to see if any of these criminal acting Government Public Officers have threatened me anonymously to scare me in this way.

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Criminal Defamation by Alison Barbara Jane Cole //2-dogs.club/chapters/criminal-defamation-by-alison-barbara-jane-cole         

When your government is a Krakistocracy you must defame yourself by publishing a document that criminally defames you in order to protect your reputation by publicly addressing a matter of criminal defamation. This is one of those 'times'. On the basis of this unlawful medical report Jean Phillips Manager, Licence Regulation at Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure caused me licence to be suspended - without legal excuse.


Delegate for the Registrar, Jean Phillips at Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure made a decision to suspend my driving licence based on the above report by Australian registered British trained medical doctor Alison Barbara Jane Cole.

To date there's no confirmation to the suspicion Jean Phillips is related to same state's chief medical officer Paddy Phillips


1. I booked and kept a double Medicare appointment at about 1:30pm on Friday 16 March 2018 so time was not a problem for Cole.


2. (s3) Cole wrote “Patient unfamiliar to me, but has clear delusional thoughts regarding implants in her brain and leg.”


3. (s3 point 8) Cole failed to tick a box leaving only a question mark “Psychiatric Disorder” a person deemed delusional without having a psychiatric disorder is a person whose been criminally defamed.


4. (s4) Cole rejected document's instructions to complete section marked “Must be completed in all cases” being “Eyesight Certificate.”


5. Cole completed the form in privacy rejecting the document's instruction to “Review section two: Patient Questionnaire with the person” being national law.


6. Cole completed “Patient Declaration” impersonating me without my consent.


7. (s5) Cole admitted in her signed declaration unable to make a decision based on presentation today therefore DPTI have no medical report to support any decision.


8. Cole refused to give me copy of her completed form, in breach of national law, being Cole's admission by legal inference that she knew it was not a legal medical report for DPTI purpose, it was merely her private unsupported opinion.


9. Cole is not an expert on mental health and had no relevant medical data.


10. Mental Health Act 2009 (SA) Schedule 1—Certain conduct may not indicate mental illness.


11. I’ve never been legally diagnosed with any mental illness.


12. As licence holder of (SA)AV4314 since about 2005 and (NSW)2554TG since 1973 driving thousands of kilometres across Australia I have never caused any motor vehicle accident of any kind.


what’s criminal defamation?

CRIMINAL LAW CONSOLIDATION ACT 1935 (SA) section 257 Criminal defamation.

(1) A person who, without lawful excuse, publishes defamatory matter concerning another living person— 
(a) knowing the matter to be false or being recklessly indifferent as to whether the matter is true or false; and 
(b) intending to cause serious harm, or being recklessly indifferent as to whether the publication of the defamatory matter will cause serious harm, to a person (whether the person defamed or not), is guilty of an offence.  Maximum penalty: Imprisonment for 3 years.

My question is - When is it lawful to defame someone knowing its false?


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Theory of Control More Fact than Fiction //2-dogs.club/chapters/theory-of-control-more-fact-than-fiction


  1. Did you know Parliaments have made it legal for politicians to lie to all of us?

  2. Electoral Commission has poured cold water on proposed truth in political advertising laws for ACT elections.

  3. No law could require that such statements actually be 'true'.

  4. So it turns out political candidates are legally allowed to lie to you.



When I was in high school (Campbelltown NSW 1969-1972) my first Geography teacher was Mr Bryant. We never knew teacher's first names. I was a terminal chatter-box in class. Every report card I had from primary school said "Janette talks too much in class" I was just learning my way. Mr Bryant kept cautioning me to stop talking, often he'd ask me to repeat what he was saying as I was talking to my class friend. I was always able to repeat verbatim what he said. My Geography text book was full (LOL) of blank pages where I always intended to catch up on the writing but never did. At test time I was top of the class. I think some of you can deduce for yourself the point I'm making, I'm quite sure most will get it totally wrong. As I was chattering, I was learning to read people. Recently I discovered why I am like I am, I took a personality test. I'm somewhere between an INFJ and ENTJ as I'm not cold and calculating but I can be ruthless, I do look at what's best for everyone and that always includes the individual as part of a group, never only the group as a whole. I left school after finishing year 10 (4th form) I wanted to complete year 12 (6th form) but my Freemason dad (a carpenter) sadly refused me permission causing me great distress, as a child I always respected my parent's wishes. I don't think I have a high IQ I don't feel overly intelligent however I generally feel like I'm surrounded by idiots, especially in government employment. I suspect that's due to my personality type. I've come to realise most people don't understand the world around us as I do. Most people see three dimensions, I see four. I can hear the unintelligent Government Public Officer psychiatrists all pandering to each other with, "That proves she has a mental illness." Gotta love 'The Joker' they're great entertainment value. Their lack of intelligence (general population in government) is demonstrated by their incapacity to accept constructive criticism, (you see this on Facebook every day) they respond either by personal attacks on the person analysing their actions, (or comments) and they overtly ignore points of law noted in the giver's logical criticisms. I suspect Facebook is 'the' major platform for political parties globally. Commonly, which is why Party leaders say the don't care about 'opinion polls' as they know they're like their Party Branches, 'stacked' to influence the thoughts (brainwashed) of other participants in that group, be it pre-selection voters the Branch, or voters before a general election, or public opinion in the community all manipulated to suit the most powerful political opponent. Which is also why Australia's news media outlets refuse to tell 'all' relevant news, like mine and other kindred Aussies unconstitutionally silenced as I have been. If the government was 'transparent' and news media outlets 'honest' our political environment would be totally different to what we have today. If politics and governemtn wee a level playing field as Australian law insists, Labor Party and Loberal Party would not exist in the unlawful form that it does.


Above: Janette in 2003


After these Government Public Officers including retired NSW police superintendent Ron Stephenson or his twin brother (below) committed criminal break and enter / trespass without any legal authority in February 2018, other Government Public Officers decided to commit section 251 criminal Abuse Of Public Office and revoke my driving licence without any legal authority in April 2018 refusing to give me any reason why they revoked my driving licence in breach of the law they claimed to have authority to revoke my licence. These two illegal actions by Government Public Officers are obviously politically motivated crimes that have no basis Australian law or due process of law. These criminal actions have been approved and sanctioned by other Government Public Officers in higher authority, proving Australia is most certainly a dictatorship headed by lawless politically motivated Government Public Officers giving unconstitutional allegiance to a POLITICAL PARTY over Australia's Constitutional law.  Forget the Muslims Australia is already a Kakistocracy run by politically motivated criminals and terrorists aligned to the Australian Labor Party and the Liberal Party of Australia.


Despite these and many other Medicare Crimes in Australia, government and news media are targeting people for minor sex crime allegations that often end up false, like fellow clansman, actor Craig MacLachlan. Looks to me like the two major political parties (Labor and Liberal) are stirring up false muck on others to take the criminal heat off them where sex crime prosecutions are always a vote winner for the women. No politician or journalist ever lets the truth get in the way of a damn good fiction story they can pass off as sensational fact to conceal their own misdeeds.

My great grandmother Jane MacGregor married a James MacLachlan. Jane's older sister Elizabeth MacGregor married James older brother John MacLachlan. All 4 were born and married in Kilmarnock Scotland and emigrated to Queensland Australia mid 1800s with their father Robert MacLachlan who was born in Derry Ireland. All 5 are buried in Queensland. I'd hate to think actor Craig MacLachlan was targeted with false defamation for a perceived association with my MacLachlan family. Whether or not there is a family link, the illegal defamations to protect politicians is what the government’s own Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Fairfax Media's main goal, what they do as a matter of 'best practice' policy on a day to day basis. As I've written before Fairfax and ABC refused to publish anything about these illegal actions of Australian government and health industry which are by far significantly more evil than anything that might have gone on in the entertainment industry since TV started. I for one am standing behind actor Craig MacLachlan who I don't know personally or otherwise.


I was born in NSW and lived there until Government Public Officers drove me out with their back to back crimes headed by criminal Freemason police who were/are tightly protected by parliament. The NSW Government Public Officer (police and their families) who criminally assaulted me in 1990s informed me they intend to harm anyone who might help me in any way. They have, NSW doctor Bullock was murdered, both my NSW partners are died young and 2 years apart, my children and extended family all estranged from me, I have not a single friend left, all for no other reason than their criminal interventions. In fact their continual illegal interactions in my life led to this story book about their illegal interactions, in my life.



When Government Public Officer medical doctors and private medical doctors refused to prescribe me (Janette Francis) antibiotics for infections in my ear and face, that was an action of premeditated murder. If the culture in Australia was not to murder unwanted citizens through premeditated intentional medical neglect, then Rita Ann Broadway would not have died in December 2014 Adelaide Australia the way she did months after I too was refused antibiotics in 2011 and 2012 in Adelaide Australia then illegally detained under the Mental Health Act in January 2014 for complaining to my elected politicians in parliament and their political party ''brothers'' about my experience in their health INDUSTRY, an experience that almost cost me my life. I was probably detained because I was still alive, despite them. Yes, I too am a MacGregor.


They probably did it to others before they did it to me. They probably have done it to many more after me. So here is the most important advice anyone can give you to prevent happing to you what they did to me and my minor aged children.


1) Lock your doors and windows and roof access (ceiling man hole) from the inside of your house when you sleep with lockable patio bolts, not sliding locks a magnet can open them (I used to open our bathroom slide bolt with my brother's strong magnet when my siblings hid inside when we were playing hide and seek)


2) Never allow anyone you don't completely trust to be inside your house with you (and your children) when you sleep, that may include your *common law partner (husband) or *parents, which was the case with me.


3) Don't sleep with your window open.


4) Never leave your spare keys inside your house when you leave, yes take them with you or lock them somewhere else secretly.


5) Never leave your handbag or backpack with your keys inside in the care of anyone.


6) It’s perfectly sane to trust no one. That's why we have laws, to control the majority of people who are intrinsically psychopathically dishonest, which means they were born nasty, they have psychopath DNA. It took an appropriate opportunity to bring out their criminal nastiness which was probably evident in childhood.


7) If you have a dream or nightmare you can't control, it's not your dream or nightmare, you're being brainwashed, and you don’t have a secret evil self, nor do you get physical injuries in a dream or nightmare, that's someone else physically hurting you when they're brainwashing you.


In 1990s and 2000s under brainwashing conditions they sadistically told me they were going to steal my ova (female reproductive egg cells) and fertilise them in test tubes to experiment on them with brain stem cell research, because I wasn't using them. They also tried to break me by saying they would take all my living children from me, which they virtually have through brainwashing them. I suspect from what else they were saying that they were attempting to make me suicide. This was at the time of the 2000 Olympics. They try to make you think they're your subconscious talking to you. Or they pretend they're your good friend. You can beat them by staying focussed on your true self, your core belief system. They’re the scum of the Earth. They also tried to convince me they were aliens from outer space. However, they are aliens, they're Government Public Officers who are alien to humanity, not from outer space, from right here on planet Earth.


They illegally use hallucinogenic drugs and hypnotherapy without your consent to try to reprogram your brain to suit their political purpose.  The evidence of that external to me is the fact that we have so much mismanagement in government, yet the population keeps voting in the same group of people. Look what happened to the Nick Xenophon Team in South Australia on the back of criminal elder abuse involving criminally negligent staff at (Oakden and St Basil's where the criminally negligent staff were allowed to remain working) involving responsibility on the STATE Labor Party and FEDERAL Liberal Party health system, and my events that the news media refuse to make public. Logically there must be many more silenced victims like me as they've managed to silence me with little effort. Logically the greedy Neanderthals in Party politics must have a swag of accomplices in influential positions in Government Public Office and the health industry. Even Pauling Hanson's One Nation Party is too afraid to run candidates in South Australia.


* Not trusting someone is multifaceted. Not simply a reference to people who are greedy for promised profit or other benefit (like my partner and my Freemason paedophile dad) but also includes people close to you who can't be trusted because they're not mentally strong enough to withstand professional brainwashing, the level of which I experienced last century where Government Public Officers used an illegal combination of drugs and hypnotherapy to manipulate their target victim. Evidently, I'm one of the lucky ones I'm mentally unbreakable because I have a rare personality type. I analyse everything looking for the interlinking logic, over and over, making it difficult if not impossible to fool me in the long-term. Until I encountered this group of Neanderthals I thought everyone did that. Recently I did a personality test discovering I'm one of a 2.5% minority that have a male majority. I love saying ''I'm special''.





I make a habit of not just complaining, but also offering a logical explanation and a logical solution. Why would bionic neuron inventor Gerard Leob still be wearing thick lens seeing glasses as he looks at his criminal torture device he named, Bionic Neuron (BION) when laser surgery is available to cure eyesight deficiencies? Answer- eye laser surgery is not safe.

By my observation (I rarely miss anything) when I was younger you hardly heard of anyone being ''medicated'' now just about everyone I've met socially from time to time are taking something to help them cope with everyday life. That's not right. Wouldn't the goal of a community be to make their members as mentally strong as possible? Not dependent on mind altering drugs to function. To stand back and look at this logically and hear the way these people talk, to see that they allow government to hurt people with gross professional negligence and accept that as excusable. As a 100% healthy mind free thinking individual I see that as a form of ''mind control'' of the masses. The prescription drugs to help them 'cope' appear to be an open door to the part of their brain that decides what's morally right and wrong in the operation of government.


In South Australia and nationally the Liberal Party remain silent on the problems in my state's health system created by the state Labor Party as they know they would inherit the extensive political cultural problems in the state health system from time to time and vice versa, when Labor Party are the opposition or in government. Both Labor and Liberal act to protect their own interests and in a way act to protect each other's interests by covering up the crimes of the other. We the ''general population'' are not a part of their interests outside getting us on-side for the election. Who are the biggest employers in South Australia? That'd be the government.


Whose the biggest employer in the governments in South Australia, (including volunteers)? That'd be the health department. So, the government staff and their families are the voting majority. The political parties don't want to irritate and potentially estrange their largest voter base. We the health consumer not in favour with government staff are at risk of being denied reasonable health care as Rita Ann Brodway was in 2015, I have been constantly since 1990s, and hundreds of other Australians have been in the past and will be in the future if the status quo remains. Reckless medical negligence seen by Rita Broadway and myself should be criminalised federally with mandatory prison sentencing akin to premeditated murder. With modern technology there is no excuse for medical negligence.


As a health consumer and in reflection of our protections written into our legal system, I don't see the treatment of Rita Broadway as acceptable in any way whatsoever. Nor did the Coroner. Yet the government do. Why is that? Its political. They don't want to upset their employed voters, so they do nothing and let the employed voters kill health department customers when it takes their fancy. There is NO RESPONSIBILITY taken by the public health department staff. Which is why the Council Of Australian Governments (COAG) needs to fund Legal Aid for common law civil matters against their own staff. Because it's a political issue for COAG and their fellow elected politicians. Elected politicians can remain impartial while the harmed citizens can take court action to protect the ''general population'' against the recklessly negligent employed Government Public Officer who are a HUGE voter base for the elected politicians. It’s that simple Prime Ministers and Premiers. You get to remain impartial and we get legally enforceable protection. It’s not rocket science, it is pure and simple logic and its in the public interest that the public have unrestricted access to Legal Aid for Common Law breach of the integrity of their PERSON under civil law. That's a fundamental human right already written into Australian law.


Let’s consider a scientific probability that actually has great potential and a high probability of fact. I'll spell it out upfront then ease you into it. The evidence suggests there is a section of our communities who use modern technology like the age-old confidence trickster, the travelling medicine man selling a cure-all elixir, a remedy for everything. But in modern technology they use obscure implants like the BION and mind-altering talk to convince us we need mind altering drugs manufactured by the big pharmaceutical companies with big ticket prices.


This is NOT a conspiracy THEORY it’s a FACT I can PROVE beyond any doubt whatsoever.


I've discussed the 60-year life of implants that started in the middle of the 20th century and discussed how magnets effect modern day implants. That's common knowledge even if you don't know about it, they joke about it on TV programs from time to time.


We know that the government favour big pharmaceutical companies that's evident by their fight against us for use of medical marijuana in life or death treatments. Political party members would prefer to see citizens die than allow them to access free drugs from nature because there's no profit in that for the government and no kick back for the political party members from the pharmaceutical companies.


Medical doctors would have no income if people were not ill. It’s in their best interests that you're not functioning properly. Notice that doctors rarely if ever take a day of work ill, despite being exposed to sick people all the time. Why can't the rest of the population enjoy that wellness? The simple answer is that the medical doctors the government and the pharmaceutical companies are intentionally making or keeping the rest of us ill. If a doctor asks you to come back in 'X' number of days, they not checking on you they're ensuring repeat business. Took me a few visits to the doctor to work that out when I was younger.


Money is the sole notice evidence from the fact when governments do legalise marijuana for medical use they want to control it to tax it and get a profit from it despite that it is a free gift for us from nature. It’s like wanting to control and tax air and water. We know they already tax water use.


We all know medical doctors get kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies when they prescribe drugs to their patients. Well you should know. Shame on you if you don't.


So what if the pharmaceutical companies decided they weren't getting enough profit. All companies seek to increase profit. How do pharmaceutical companies increase profit, when their profit comes from sick people or at least people medical doctors have diagnosed as being sick and needing a drug to cure them.


Instead of looking for the 'cause' of your symptom to halt the longevity or stop the reoccurrence of your symptom, medical doctors give you a drug or send you to a psychiatrist to help you 'cope' with your symptom. You know it, you've probably not said it out aloud because you think that would make you a bad person. Wrong. Talking about medical industry greed makes you a caring person.


Imagine if you mechanic performed their learnt skills like your doctor does. How happy would it make you if your mechanic put banana peel in your fuel tank to stop smoke coming out your exhaust instead of fixing the cause of the excess exhaust smoke. That's exactly what your medical doctor does to you. Minus the banana peel I hope. Perhaps not.

You let your medical doctor screw you over financially.

You let your elected political party government screw you over financially.

You let the pharmaceutical companies screw you over financially.

But your mechanic, they get all your misdirected rage that should go to the others in proportion.


Personal greed makes the world go around, not love.

Your government doesn't care about you personally, not many people do, certainly no person in business cares about you personally, they only care about their income else they would give away their service FREE of any charge.


So the challenge before the pharmaceutical companies and doctors is how to increase demand, and the political parties are keen to increase taxes to ensure their re-election, they don't care how that happens, same with your local GP the specialist in making their own life better.


It’s in the best interests of the pharmaceutical companies that you and your family are kept as ill as possible without alerting you to their real intentions towards you.


Again, the only purpose of any person in self-employment is to increase profit. There's not one company in existence that has your best interests at heart. If you think otherwise it’s time to wise up and grow up. Why would the pharmaceutical companies not use everything at their disposal?


Why would the pharmaceutical companies not cheat to create a false demand? Other big companies do that with false testimonies. They buy celebrity sponsorship to con you. Why wouldn't the pharmaceutical companies use illegal implants to convince individuals they need a certain drug for the rest of their life? What is the illness that is the big winner for the pharmaceutical companies? What guarantees a lifelong commitment of injecting big financial outlay drugs into an unsuspecting community, drugs that have no real benefit and many bad side effects, benefits that could be gained by medical cannibals grown at home?


Mental illness that's what. The invisible illness that medical doctors can fabricate a diagnose for on the fly on a million symptoms that are almost always something else entirely. You are keen to swallow that little pill of self-pity because if it 'feels' like your doctor cares about you that releases your own personal 'feel good' internally manufactured drug into your brain, serotonin


Here’s some more FREE advice:

If you need more serotonin watch some comedy shows even if you hate them eventually you'll laugh at their calculated stupidity, that's the point. Become a street performer and make other people laugh you'll see how easy it is. Just laugh at everything it really works, you don't even need to mean the laugh the serotonin is released because when you start laughing at nothing you start laughing at yourself. When you can laugh at yourself you never EVER feel depressed. I have never suffered a day of depression in my life because when all the shit falls at my feet I laugh it off.


That's why there's that saying 'just laugh it off' laughing is the ancient remedy for sadness preventing depression, they didn't know it produced serotonin, they only knew it worked. I've been sad by loss but never depressed. If depression is a state of mind due to lack of serotonin isn't it best to replace that naturally! and FREE! You do know your doctor is giving an artificial serotonin that's breaking your bank, don't you! If politicians were serious about treating depression they'd be looking at the cure not the control of it. they'd be forcing doctors to send people to 'laughter school' a REAL 'funny farm' to make people laugh, not terminally depressing psychiatrists and psychologists who spend their entire day lying to people as they write an endless supply of prescriptions for depression drugs 99% of the population wouldn't need if their life situation was brighter. The expression 'happy wife happy life' is about mental health and life situations. Same goes for men. Put the money into community activities and community enrichment through gainful EMPLOYMENT not commercial orientated mental health INDUSTRY that only benefits the few who rake in the financial profits. Grrrrrrr.


When I was illegally detained under an illegal Mental Health Act order in 2014 all they did was force me to take their drugs, all their illegal drugs did (illegal because they had no legal excuse to force them on me) to me was make the random swirl patterned floor look like it was crawling. So, their mental health ‘’TREATMENT’’ drugs were intended to me hallucinogenic nothing more. It would probably be classed as illegal without a script but in reality, it has NO therapeutic value, just makes you see things that aren't real. I'm pretty sure they were giving this profit-making hallucinogen to everyone by the way everyone looked at the floor and some were on their hands and knees trying to catch the moving floor. 


The mental health INDUSTRY is about making PROFITS not making people well. The irony is I would not have any evidence to back that up if the political arm of government hadn't illegally detained me on politically grounds in a maximum security mental health facility at election time 2014. You got to love a political idiot. However, I truly felt for the people in there before me and still there when I left who had been often heard crying, ''Why aren't you helping me!''


Its only cold hearted psychopaths who run ou mental health industry to profit big business, not the patient, but to benefit the psychiatrists, to benefit the pharmaceutical companies, to benefit the other government public officers by employed in that department, and to benefit the political arm of government by re-election for providing high rate of employment in a health department that would be a low employment need department if it were run with the intention to cure patients rather than merely treat them. Or causing the criminally medically negligent murder of people like Rita Broadway because the health department doesn't make a profit on changing a catheter.


Are you starting to see why they hate people like me so much? I'm not afraid to speak the truth.


Then you here all the true stories about people with real mental health issues who can't get treatment. They don't realise the treatment is only experimental drugs as the pharmaceutical companies actually use us in the community as their experiment lab.


I know people allergic to ibuprofen, it reacts on their brain to make them artificially angry. How was that tested and approved to be safe for humans? It’s not really that's bullshyte we accept. I know people allergic to diabetes medicine, it interferes with their brain and makes them hallucinate to the extent they see life sized creatures walking around their house. How was that tested and approved to be safe for humans? We are the lab rats. I know someone who was given hallucinogenic drugs by psychiatrist doctor Helen Tingay (of Barrett House, 39 George St Norwood, SA 5067) to treat depression, causing the person to try to get themselves run over by traffic. Helen Tingay should be in prison for negligent attempted murder but she's not she's a favourite of the political government in South Australia. I was illegally detained in maximum security mental health facility in Adelaide on political grounds for some weeks but this person who was intensely suicidal was not. Proving most the mental health funds are for political purposes not genuine clinical purposes. The criminally negligent Government Public Officer psychiatrist who illegally detained me under the mental health Act in 2014, Georgina Ai-Chin Cheng evidently got the sack and went to practise her crimes. Georgina Cheng now practices her health crimes with health criminal Helen Tingay at Barrett House in Norwood, birds of a feather flock together. 2012 general medical doctor Celia Emmaline Tildesley at Christies Beach Medical Centre tried to ''force'' me to attend consultations with Helen Tingay because Celia Tildesley didn't believe I had been an elected politician in NSW in Wollndilly Shire (1995-1999 Clr Jenny Hall) amongst other matters of fact TILDESLY irrationally believed were false because Government Public Officers told her they were false, screw what her patient says. In 2018 had the misfortune to see CHENG at my local Woolworths in Seaford Meadows. Christies Beach Medical Centre were in government negotiations as the medical corporation who were awarded the contract to provide general medical services at the State and Federal funded GP Plus Super Clinic in Noarlunga Adelaide Australia. GP Plus CBMC banned me from accessing the government service after they had a diagnosis of my nerve damage in my arms from illegal implants, on the basis that I complained about their actions in medical negligence, to them. Still haven't had any treatment for my nerve damage which causes my arms to go totally numb when I sleep in a normal position. The numbness goes away instantly when I raise the effected arm above my head as I lay down, the position I would have been in when the illegal implant cables were criminally inserted in my arms without my authority (1990s). Everything provable but intentionally ignored by Australian medical doctors.


If I tuck my hand in bending the at the wrist my hands go totally numb. On the tops of my hands is something else that vibrates and moving under my skin with sunken burn marks above on my skin, like you see on the sole of my right foot below and next to my forehead next the widows peak in my hairline with linked tapping and moving under my skin from my forehead lump above my left eye (the Cole Skin Condition) to the radiation burn mark at my widows peak to the fontanelle area on top of my skull where as well as vibrations there is a movable lump that throws off excess heat. Everything provable but intentionally ignored by Australian medical doctors.


When I had a ultrasound on the tops of my hands at Adelaide State Government, Daw Park Repat Hospital in 2007 the radiologist refused to give me copy of the film for my hands despite giving me copy of the film for other parts she scanned the same day including parts there was no referral for, my wrist. The Daw Park Radiology September 2007 radiologist was Mr Michael Radford Sage (Emeritus Professor College of Medicine and Public Health, Flinders University.) Coincidently another radiologist refused to give me copy of my Xrays and report at Marion Domain Medical Centre (Adelaide) on my freshly dislocated hand (thumb) after I was criminally attacked by another government public officer on 2 May 2007, (Timothy Cooper Christies Beach police) that radiologist was also a Mr Michael Radford Sage.  Associated with the Flinders Legal Advice Clinic who who intentionally gave me wrong legal advice recently when I consulted the same State government's Flinders Legal Advice Clinic, is yet another very unwise Sage, Susannah Sage-Jacobson (Senior Lecturer College of Business, Government and Law). FLAC they even posted my legal advice to the person I was intending to sue under Common Law. I know that because they emailed me with a copy of the letter they told me had already been posted. When I took that to court the magistrate ruled for the State Government's Flinders University Law School who run the legal advice clinic. I discovered the magistrate (another state Government Public Officer) has a personal interest in Flinders University. Ms Koula Kossiavelos, Lawyer, Magistrate and Solicitor, is member of a long-standing steering committee which succeeded after ten years in establishing a Chair of modern Greek studies at Flinders University. 


As if numb hands and arms aren't enough to keep me half awake and vigilant as I sleep every night, I have to make sure I lay only on my left side despite the agony of the implant cable under my skin over my left hip, to reduce the vibrations in the left side of my face from obvious implants there linked to the reoccurring infection in my face in 2011 and 2012. Everything provable but intentionally ignored by Australian medical doctors.


Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to decieve. I refer to the web of extensive Medicare Australia bipartisan political crime woven (spun) by the government's own Spin-Doctors in party politics.


In reality they only see you as a set amount of money, if that weren't true, medical doctors would charge the same amount for all consultations, or work from home and charge next to nothing like they used to in decades past. Instead they mostly all work out of larger partnerships to increase their profits and diminish their legal liability when someone has the money or tenacity to sue them for their everyday negligence.


Here are some examples:

Your think your skin is itchy, and you can't see what's causing it – oh you have mental illness.

You think you can't sleep and you're a little depressed because your life sucks – oh you have mental illness.

You think you feel your skin vibrating – oh you have mental illness.

You think you were abused as a child – oh you have mental illness.

You think you feel something moving under your skin – oh you have mental illness.

You're a clairvoyant or you hear voices in the distance – oh you have mental illness.

You think you feel hot spots on your skin – oh you have mental illness.

You think you can see strange scars on your skin over where you feel a strange lump and electrical sparks – oh you have mental illness.

You think you disagree with the government – oh you have mental illness.

You think you have illegal implants – oh you have mental illness.

You think you can disagree with a medical doctor – oh you have mental illness.

You think a psychiatrist is a liar and have video evidence – oh no you have mental illness.

You think the government is extensively corrupted and you have proof – oh you have mental illness.


If Nixon's Watergate happened in Australia today the journalists would be locked up under the Mental Health Act.


I'm sure you get the picture. Many of the above are the reasons why I was diagnosed with a mental illness I don't have. Because of my childhood where I was faced with life and death situations from an early age my mind protected me from mental illness. No drugs required. The more Australian government political terrorists and stalkers tried to brainwash and terrorise me the stronger they made me.


With a relatively small initial investment. A secret illegal implant like a BION and or few initial drugs may be enough of a psychotropic to convince the majority of people they have a mental condition that requires indefinite use of an artificial drug.

Gerard Leob claims to be the inventor of the Bionic Neuron which he trademarked as BION.

The Alfred Mann Institute are associated with the early Bionic Neuron, probably the ones illegally forced on me.

Advanced Bionics Corporation are the American manufacturers of the modern Bionic Neuron.



You see that ALL medical doctors I have attended have tried to convince me I'm imagining the very real symptoms of illegal implants.


An implant can be as small as the bionic neuron that is a hermetically sealed, or as useless as a small bit of gold inside someone allergic to gold in ear or body piercings, someone like you or me. The presence of the gold causes constant low-level infection.


The presence of the illegal BIONs I have under my skin causes a scar on the surface of the skin like a surface explosion with a definite edge. That's the implant cooking your skin like food is cooked inside a microwave oven. In spots. I've seen these scars on publicly exposed skin on many people in the community across Australia. Mostly women.


These flowery shaped scars are hard to photograph but not impossible when they are many years old like mine. The best one is on the sole of my foot as the sun has never seen this skin surface to conceal its location with freckles.


Medical doctors tell me it's only ''mottled skin''. But refuse to look for a cause and refuse to treat these painful still forming scars because they know there from illegal BIONs, an aid to their own financial wealth.


The digital photo of my left foot below has NOT been digitally altered in any way whatsoever. I snapped many consecutive photos of my foot this day on an early digital camera that cost me $1500 in the year 2000. I snapped the photos in a car park in Noarlunga as my foot was painfully pulsating making it difficult to walk. I had my left foot slightly raised off the bitumen. You can see the glow from my left foot against my right foot. Anyone can see there would be no other purpose for BIONs in the feet other than to criminally torture the victim.


I could feel the heat the pulses were emitting so I figured it was a BION and reasoned to myself that the pulses must also be accompanied by light. I was right this is the only photo of the many in which I captured the real-time pulse of light. You know if you shine a light on your skin it glows red. This is a BION inside my foot, you can see the light is coming from inside my foot. I suspect there's two BIONS in each foot.


The photo of the sole of my right foot was snapped outside the Woodcroft Library using the same camera. Likewise, this photo has NOT been digitally altered in any way whatsoever. In this photo even from the distance it was snapped you can clearly see the BURN scar on the sole of my foot from the pulsating BION. I took this photo of the bottom of my right foot because this foot was aching terrible from the pulsing BION.


They have stopped pulsing in my feet, but they literally feel like stones inside both feet when I walk. I'd really like them and the many other BIONs inside me removed. The ones in my arms have a lot of natural body coating making them easy to locate, they still pulse they were inserted in 2000 when I was kidnapped from my residence in Branxton NSW. One in my face caused a skin cancer it as cut out a few years back, but the Adelaide South Australia specialist refused to give me possession of the BION.




I had several illegal surgeries when I was pregnant in 1991, on separate mornings after going to sleep in my own bed I woke to find surgical stitches in the skin over my tail-bone, woke to find surgical super-glue holding a circular puncture wound over my sternum that covers my heart, and woke to find a surgical super-glue holding another puncture wound under the bone behind my left ear.


For many years now, I'm suffering with abnormal vibrations where the stitches were on my tail-bone.


For many years now, I'm suffering with abnormal forced contractions of my diaphragm under my sternum forcing air into my lungs to operate something vibrating in my throat which appears to in turn vibrate something in my abdomen.


For many years now, I'm suffering with abnormal sounds coming from the bone behind my left ear where the clear intent is to make me believe I'm insane because I ''hear'' voices'' from the bone behind my left ear.


Circa 1997 when an elected politician in local government I woke in my own bed with blood red eyes, after which my eyes have been constantly burning to the point I need ice packs on them.

Now I feel electrical sparking in my eyes and have to bind my eyes when I sleep to avoid vibration bruising to my eyeballs that are permanently generally bruised looking like I have hepatitis.


Circa 1997 I woke in my own bed with a bloodied nose and puncture wound on the top of my head.

Now in both locations where I feel abnormal vibrations and cables under my skin and excess heat that often requires ice packs.

These are but a few of the many illegal surgery events that I have been criminally assaulted with presumably under orders of the Australian Labor Party.


What have they done, have they turned me into a surveillance human-droid? Have they used my ears to hear what I hear and talk back to me to scare me or attempt to drive me to insanity? Have they used my eyes to watch everything I do? The logical answer to every question appears to be YES for the simple fact that despite the extensive expert evidence and external evidence that supports my ‘’theory’’ I’ve been surgically raped they refuse to let me have the illegal implant items removed. Which serves to prove Australian Government Public Officers are a criminal party to these attacks on me which ARE actions of terrorists, motivated by political police or belief in breach of Australian law.

Clearly these many illegal experimental implants I’m hosting against my will and in breach of Australian Criminal Law are intended to torture me and have been illegally used as a tool to diagnose me as insane in breach of my fundamental human rights.







Tue, 15 May 2018 01:28:23 GMT //2-dogs.club/chapters/theory-of-control-more-fact-than-fiction
INTRODUCTION //2-dogs.club/chapters/introduction

My inability to secure continual employment in the 1980s to this very day, initially coincided with my vocal split from my Freemason dad on 24 April 1988 after I witnessed his child sex crimes. Crimes that Freemason police refused to take any action on, simply because my dad was a Freemason.  From that day forward I was ejected from Australian society, pushed to the lowest class possible, branded a non-person, someone who is to be refused ALL legal rights when anyone whatsoever personally or financially harms them. That's the true face of Australia. 


This ALL TRUE story proves centuries of inbreeding has created a human species where the majority are naturally insane sadistically obsessed demented perverted parasitic whores, who derive great pleasure from inflicting pain on others as a group like wild pack animals with rabies, and they quaintly call that, democratic government. Before anyone looks down their nose at anyone else, historically, it was common practice to marry your first cousin or sibling (globally) in order to keep your family ''pure''. We've got proof of that in the Pharaohs' tombs. Proof in recorded history of the marriage of English royals to their cousins. England's Edward III is is one of my distant great grandfathers who married his 9 year old cousin. People still think it's ok to mate dogs and other animals from the same litter then wonder why they have physical or mental problems, or don't care.


Personally, I've been forced into not seeking close personal relationships after I left my last partner in 1996, for fear that anyone I want to get close to will be harmed by the psychopaths who were stalking me at that time presuming police would investigate but they never did. Thinking it was safe to look for friends again I started a social group in 2016. Within months I was harassed by the second woman who joined the group who had informed me her son was a local detective from the group who had criminally assaulted me in 2007. I never mentioned what they did to me to her. I overlooked her relationship reasoning perhaps she wasn't unaware her son is a corrupt cop. Then she made a point of repeating to me something that I told my son in absolute privacy days before. I was forced to disbanded the group. That's another definition of torture, denied fulfilment of the basic need for fellowship and companionship. Then government psychiatrists can label you a loner, therefore they reason you must have a personality disorder knowing that impoverished people (like Janette) are not allowed to sue the ruling government under Common Law for any reason whatsoever. 


Snapshot - Some examples a regular day in the life of Janette Gail Francis living in her birth country Australia. Janette is a female Caucasian and multi-generation descendant of British subjects who immigrated to Colonial Australia in the 1800s on her mothers side and who were probably Colonial prisoners in the 1700s on her father's side. Current surviving politically bipartisan criminal culture in Government Public Office in Australia (since 1770) to this day in the 21st century, is that;

Despite Australian law that provides intentionally reinforced Acts of Parliament that deem otherwise. Australian doctors refuse Janette penicillin and other life saving medical procedures because there's no enforced law to stop them. No person has ever been charged or stopped from physically attacking Janette anytime in her 60 years of life. If Janette complains to health or police parliamentarians she's assaulted with illegal imprisonment and forced to ingest drugs. 

1.  If Janette doesn't bind her face suitably when sleeping she wakes with fresh blood in her injured sinus from the hours of harmful abnormal vibrations in her face from illegal implants. 

2.  For over a decade Janette was unable to walk very far due to illegal implants that Australian criminal doctors falsely diagnosed as prolapsed vertebra in Janette's lower back that also miraculously caused Janette nerve damage in her arms and vanished just as mysteriously as they occurred.

3.  When Janette drives a normal motorcar it feels like her accelerator shin is being beaten from the inside from illegal implants. When Janette rides a bicycle it feels like her knee caps are being beaten from illegal implants. 

4.  State police took action after Janette formally complained of assault by illegal implants, by informing state driving licence people who insisted Janette have a medical to see if Janette is a danger to others on the road when she drives with illegal implants. 

5.  The cheap-import British doctor performing Janette's licence-medical on Janette's legs, deemed the externally lumpy evidence of another illegal implant in Janette's face was evidence Janette has severe mental illness preventing her from being able to drive, the quack added the forehead lumps are a Clayton's skin condition the quack refused to treat.

6.  Federal police tell Janette it is legal for quack doctors to criminally defraud Medicare Australia when it involves Janette's illegal implants. 

7.  Janette cut an illegal implant cable in her gum in 2008 causing harmful vibrations in her jaw to cease, as a direct result in 2014 a seasoned government lawyer argued Janette was a danger to others because she might try to remove more illegal implants causing the judge to rule Janette should be (illegally) imprisoned for the duration of the upcoming State election.


I want to personally thank Richard Linklater, for proving the other condition of illogic perfect stupidity which is best defined by his movie that took 12 years out of his life to make a film that proves beyond a shred of doubt the majority of males in our species are imbecilic sadistic power hungry overbearing self-centred worthless than women morons who believe they are the superior species expecting all female partners to suffer the foul temper of a male with no self-control, while waiting for that male, the husband or dad to develop a sense of decency and responsibility and simply grow-the-fuk-up. That he called his movie ''Boyhood'' and not childhood is a Fruiedian slip that expresses his motive and his troubled state of mind. I don't know whether it was because I'm female or that I hit the DNA jackpot when my brain escaped the current societal pandemic of ancient incest acquired mental instability (from generations long past) but when I was still single digits old I was grown up enough to know it was in my family's best interest when dad got drunk to hide his rifle and shotgun bullets that were twice as big as the palm of my hand, so he wouldn't threaten to blow my mum's head off the umpteenth time. She stayed with him but he never grew up, you can see how bad it turned out for me, his youngest child.


Children are best kept away from destructive negative people Richard Linklater, else they will mimic them and grow up that same way. Which also explains why so many children of government professionals are also perfect sadistic illogical parasites, and why our society generally is the angry place it is, all problems start at the top of the chain-of-command, 'rubbish in, rubbish out'.


My surgical rapes happened 1988 to 1998 a period of time when doctors were never questioned about their methods. I started nurses training in 1977 Liverpool Hospital NSW Australia we were actually taught that doctors have always had this false belief they are God like, totally above the law. I fell at work in 1977 breaking my arm which was covered under worker's compensation, but the Xray was done at work, Liverpool hospital where they claimed my arm was not broken yet I couldn't move the entire arm and the pain was massive, I had to stop nursing because of it. In 2008 I had my second Xray at Liverpool hospital on my dislocated hand, once again they falsely claimed I didn't have a dislocation, you can see otherwise in these pages. Australian medical doctors still believe they're above the law in 2018.


My 2007 dislocations were caused by a government public officers which is another Common Law liability for a government. Problem is in Australia parliaments happily allow medical doctors to be hardened psychopathic criminals harming their patients, when it's in the best interests of the political arm of government for doctors to be that way. Reflect on England's Harold Shipman who became a medical doctor in 1972, in 1999 he was convicted of 15 murders, the total number was well over 200. Like my surgical rapists, Shipman was around my age, a baby-boomer, the 'White Australia Policy' was still enforce in 1970s so essentially we were Britain on a larger island. That old school 12th century feudalism mentality has survived into the 21st century because its in the best interests of the political arm of Australia's governments if you're not in the 'click' you're a slave in Australia, a serf with no land and no rights other than what the gentry choose to toss your way from time to time, under serfdom the people had no access to Common Law exactly like impoverished Australians in the 21st century. Welcome to Australia.


Despite my actions of constant lawfulness I've been treated like a criminal because I spoke out against Freemason child sex crimes to Freemason police, thereafter the course of my life was steered by Freemason criminals.


Lets Get Things into Perspective
Criminal Code Act 1995 (CTH)  

section 274.2   Torture A person (the perpetrator) commits an offence if the perpetrator engages in conduct that inflicts severe physical or mental pain or suffering on a person (the victim) the conduct is engaged in for the purpose of obtaining from the victim or from a third person information or a confession or for the purpose of punishing the victim for an act which the victim or a third person has committed or is suspected of having committed or for the purpose of intimidating or coercing the victim or a third person or for a purpose related to a purpose mentioned in subparagraph (i), (ii) or (iii) and the perpetrator engages in the conduct: in the capacity of a public official; or acting in an official capacity; or acting at the instigation, or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity.
Penalty:  Imprisonment for 20 years. 


section 9.3 Mistake or ignorance of statute law, A person can be criminally responsible for an offence even if, at the time of the conduct constituting the offence, he or she is mistaken about, or ignorant of, the existence or content of an Act that directly or indirectly creates the offence or directly or indirectly affects the scope or operation of the offence.


section 11.1 Attempt, A person who attempts to commit an offence commits the offence of attempting to commit that offence and is punishable as if the offence attempted had been committed.

section 11.2 Complicity and common purpose, A person who aids, abets, counsels or procures the commission of an offence by another person is taken to have committed that offence and is punishable accordingly.

section 11.5 Conspiracy, A person who conspires with another person to commit an offence punishable by imprisonment for more than 12 months, or by a fine of 200 penalty units or more, commits the offence of conspiracy to commit that offence and is punishable as if the offence to which the conspiracy relates had been committed.


Australian Government Public Officers have illegally refused to make good their ''Protection Obligation'' to me which they owe to me under Australian law, specifically in the provision of services performed under the Medicare Australia program where the federal government themselves insists, (quote)

''Fraud against government programmes and business disadvantages Australians who rely on the effective and efficient delivery of services''
My ''protection rights'' are guaranteed under Australian federal law, (no bill of rights needed) stated or inferred by;

  • Migration Act 1958 (CTH) section 36 Protection visas,
  • Criminal Code Act 1995 (CTH) Schedule, The Criminal Code, Chapter 8 Offences against humanity and related offences, torture or other inhumane treatment.


So, what sort of a human parasite is unable to live their life participating in their social (political) activities without ruining the lives of others around them. Why that'd be Australian Government Public Officers. If that statement offends you or you strongly disagree, then you're one of the AGPO parasites for there's no way anyone could exist as a GPO without knowing the rampant culture of  wilful lawlessness that exists around them in any Australian government. The presence of the GPO lawless culture is evidenced by the fact there is NO Legal Aid funds to keep GPOs under control with Common Law redress. Which means impoverished or low income Australians, the group who have the most contact with our lawless GPOs, have no means of prevention or redress from criminal assault or threats ot any other lawless action harming them in any way involving GPOs or their private business accomplices in crime.


One example I can give is the fact my NSW government guaranteed Torrens Title (residential house and land) was stolen from me 2 days before I gave birth in 1991, and I was not allowed any avenue whatsoever to get it back so I had to declare bankruptcy to remove my property from the hands of the thieves. I've been forced to live in rentals ever since unable to fully secure my home from GPO criminal intruders, as you see in video in the Time Line: 


Youtube ''Election 2018 Actus Reus Guilty Act Mens Rea Guilty Mind''.


Freemason Monsters police and judicial protected Australian Criminals

These attacks on me started when Freemasons were in control of government. The present government has illegally, carried over this one sided criminal vendetta against me that started because I refpoted sex crimes of Freemason/s to Freemason police.


Many people have written about evil Freemasons since young Stephen Knight who died aged 33 shortly after his tell-all Freemason book was published in 1984, ''The Brotherhood, the Secret World of the Freemasons'' Freemasonry was / is just as rife in United Kingdom where it has its roots, as it is in Australia. Below is a quote from the linked PDF chapter, THE DISSIDENTS you owe it to yourself to read the 'Time Line' linked PDF.


'You can get no help because your story sounds so paranoid that you are thought a crank, one of those nuts who think the whole world is a conspiracy against them. It is a strange phenomenon. By setting up a situation that most people will think of as fantasy, these people can poison every part of a person's life. If they give in they go under. If they don't give in it's only putting off the day because if they fight, so much unhappiness will be brought to the people around them that there will likely come a time when even their families turn against them out of desperation. When that happens and they are without friends wherever they look, they become easy meat. The newspapers will not touch them. 'There is no defence against an evil which only the victims and the perpetrators know exists.'


While many people I knew well acted terribly to me, I believe, for some, there is an underlying reason beyond their control, which is why I've always protected them by not telling others horrible things they've done to me. Even though I'm the youngest in my birth family, I always knew I was emotionally the strongest.


When I was a child in infants and primary school in the 1960s, I witnessed many sex crimes involving Freemasons and my dad, Aubrey Francis, who was ''chair'' of his southern Sydney Australia Freemason lodge in 1973 and member of the Camden NSW Freemason Lodge. Australian Freemasons their families and their bribed supporters have made my life hell since I was a baby in arms aged 2, when raped by my Freemason dad as punishment for yelling at my Freemason dad not to hit my mother.


Local police were members of our dad's Freemason lodge, virtually ALL POLICE were Freemasons in Australia up to the Police Federation of Australia was created in the 1990s after Freemasons were forced to take in female members. In the all male Freemason lodges, the members consisted of a 'whose who' of local men in employment areas that could cause you a great deal of strife if they chose to go rogue, act contrary to Australian law to benefit their group, the Freemasons, as they ALL did.


Last century Australian state and federal government public officers made up the bulk of the fraternity of Freemasons who called each other ''BROTHER'' and all refuse to let me access my legal rights TODAY and my paedophile dad was perpetually protected by police DESPITE Australian law.


Labor Party ex-prime minister Bob Hawke was a Freemason, they are all sworn to secrecy about the activities of fellow Freemasons like the Muslim faith they consider their group above Australian law. Considering their members were magistrates, judges, politicians and police, they enforced their special authority and ''club'' secrecy about their crimes, being no better than the KKK in America or Hitler in Germany. 


What is a Psychopath?

Simply, a psychopath is someone who knows you're suffering but doesn't care, they actually take pleasure in knowing your suffering particularly if they believe they will derive a benefit from your suffering which could be as simple as approval or mate-ship from other psychopaths in authority.


A psychopath is not necessarily also a murderer, but anyone who approves of another person being tortured, for ANY reason is a psychopath. No psychopaths SHOULD be in government, however the majority of Government Public Officers ARE psychopaths evidenced by the continuation of homelessness, deaths in custody, preventable medical deaths, known child abuse not curtailed, on and on the list goes.


A psychopath will impress on you ''its for the greater good'' a psychopath invented that phrase. Every person has the right to equal treatment, there is no greater good than humane treatment of everyone.


Despite the claims of health professionals, psychopaths are most probably 40% of the population, not 1% of those 40% most are employed in the medical industry or are Government Public Officers, (which includes police, judges, parliamentarians) evidenced by the high level of under-employment, unemployment, poverty, and difficulty to access your basic legal rights guaranteed under the Magna Carter.


Freemasons traditionally include politicians, police, judges, medical doctors, and many other Public Officers. Freemasons and are exactly like Muslims and their sharia lore. You won't accept Sharia lore so why accept Freemason lore just because it's secretly been adopted by mainstream Labor and Liberal politicians, this Freemason lore is not constitutional, and not fair and just, its politically motivated violence. I'm one who can speak out because my DNA made me strong of mind, but there are literally a huge majority of harmed people who are not strong like me. Standing verbally as one against those who commit crimes against us will ensure our legal rights. I'm not advocating violence, just unity. Freemasons believe Freemason lore is superior to Australian law, during 20th century all politicians adopted this Freemason management style that existed in out founding country (England) before Federation. England is where Freemasons started.


Freemason affiliation has been replaced in recent years by political party affiliations which accommodates both sexes in government crimes. Their psychopathic status is affirmed by refusal to allow a person their legal rights despite knowing that person is suffering by blocking access.


This is what sadistic psychopathic Australians and or their CORPORATE SPONSOR of the illegal implants inside me do to me every day when they decide they want me to wake up, they switch me on, like a mobile phone when they want to use me for their entertainment.


1. In the early hours every morning I hear my bedroom's ceiling and wall boards and large furniture items crack around me as the communication waves painfully pierce my skin to access the illegal implants inside me. The motor inserted in my diaphragm area enlivens sending torturous electrical sparking vibrations thought me that eventually force my diaphragm to violently contract and my entire torso and legs to sharply jerk in union. These mentally defective, parasitic psychopaths, most probably officially deem these painful perpetual assaults on me as harmless, whilst being 100% aware they are inflicting extremely painful long-term torture on me. They are criminals who have no self control, they should be locked up for the rest of their life to protect the rest of us from them. Their medical community secretly harvesting illegal implant subjects using any of the many hallucinogenic drugs they have free access to, are more likely than not to be 100% responsible for the firm belief of many people that they have been medically or sexually raped by aliens. What better cover? Its true in effect, psychopaths are alien to the humanity of rest of the human species. They're a singularly successful argument to bring back the death penalty, I'd volunteer to flick the switch on my criminal assailants.

2. When I move my bed to another room I get peaceful sleep for a few days before the psychopathic illegal sponsors of my illegal implants, my criminal stalkers, can locate me motionless in sleep inside my house once again. On that basis there is obviously some sort of computer programming needed to access my physical location which inevitably can be traced.

3. It feels like a motor has been switched on in the area above my navel. I have low blood pressure so the abnormally strong rapid pulsing over my lower ribs is totally foreign for the first months it was terrifying not knowing what it was.

4. The area around my lower rib cage physically expands, near where a foreign item has been seen in multiple Xrays but never identified and looks like a PULSE GENERATOR implant in radiology. Doctors falsely claim it's a bubble in my stomach despite that it's been seen in the same shape in the same spot in Xray and CT years and months apart. One Christies Beach area doctor stole one Xray sheet showing the item.

5. I feel pressure on my lungs that makes me breathe faster.

6. A chunk of energy races up the left side of my neck to the top of my head.

7. From the top of my head it races down my back into my legs.

8. After a minute or so I feel a strong contraction in my diaphragm near the item in my lower rib cage, this forces my lungs to involuntarily inhale with a mechanical force.
9. This electrical energy ravages my person until some time after I manage to fall asleep.

10. I know the path of this electrical energy not just by the electrical current movement, but also by the sudden uncomfortably high level of generated heat that accompanies it's movement through my person.

11. Some times they only allow me 3 or 4 hours sleep before they start me up again, by switching on this illegal implant inside me.

12. That's the definition of physical torture.

13. These actions describe the operation of a PHRENIC NERVE STIMULATOR

14. An item that was researched after Christopher Reeve fell of his horse and become paralysed in 1995, the Phrenic Nerve Stimulator was implanted in Reeve in 2003.

15. I've had this illegal experimental item inside me on my lower left ribcage since 1997.

16. The electrical ravaging has been evident since I was hit by a huge force of energy in the back of my neck on

November 17 2005.


These CORPORATE SPONSORS should be in prison, but Government Public Officer and medical doctor supporters of the Labor Party and the Liberal Party in Australian criminally protect these medical criminal SPONSORS by claiming I'm mentally ill for believing I have these illegal implants that clearly can be seen and heard vibrating their sounds inside me. That's like saying you're mentally ill for believing you have a broken leg, when you have a broken leg.


The Break and enter to my property by the man that looks like Freemason Ron Stephenson (below) is the real and obvious link to the identity of the medical criminals who illegally implanted me in 1997 because I wouldn't shut up about the multiple Freemason Government Public Officer linked child sex crimes I witnessed as a child growing up with my Sydney NSW Freemason dad, who was the 4th child of his mother.


I often forget my paternal grandparents 3rd child, Harriet Jane Francis who died in 1916 aged 5. From the diverse stories I was told about her death I suspect she died after being raped by her father, he died aged 42, when my dad was 2 years old, and of whom my grandmother said, ''If he hadn't died I would have killed him myself.''Jane and her dad are both burred, side by side, in the Rookwood cemetery. My grandmother died in 1972 she was also burred in Rookwood, but separately, far away from them and despite that she often went to visit Jane at her grave.


Australian Freemason child sex CRIMINALS have been perpetually illegally PROTECTED by Freemason POLICE including police superintendent Ron Stephenson, (seen in Time Line).


The intrinsic insanity evidenced in these pages has also been demonstrated by individuals who placed ''porn star'' stickers over my 'no trespassing' sign on my fence, individuals who must be based close to my residence as they take every opportunity to toss fast growing prolific tree seeds over my fence, (front and back) in the dead of night and in great quantities. Perhaps sourced from a council park across the road or their own front yard. Sometimes they poison my plants (front and back) that's something that's been happening for the past 30 years indicating they're the same 'family' or they're copycats after trolling through my prior published story for hours on end. Its more likely than not they are abnormally obsessed, criminally defaming me (and other targets) to friends or casual acquaintances with outrageous fabrications they spend most of their waking hours inventing and convincing themselves its true. Their combined psychopathic mental function doesn't even equate to one properly functioning human brain. The really 'sad' part is this throng of losers actually believe they're clever. They're almost always male. It's amazing that after all these years they still spend most of their life trying to spoil mine. That's what any sane person would call 'insane'.



















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Magnets and illegal implants //2-dogs.club/chapters/magnets-and-implants


Mohamed Riyazuddin Ahmed and Paul Charles Varley and Labor Party and Liberal Party in Sydney and Adelaide prove religion and politics do mix, but never in the public interest.




Implants for therapeutic purposes have been in existence for many decades. Implants that are totally contained within the body using external parts to wirelessly communicate with the implant have been around almost as long as the first mobile phone. The first AIMD electronic implant occurred 60 years ago in 1958.


My first mobile phone was aptly nicknamed a 'brick' and looked a lot like the mobile phones they used in mash. They still had a landline handpiece to hear and speak into. That was about 1989. My 1987 Mazda 929 also had a car phone with a handpiece that I was still using when members of the Labor Party stole it from me aided by Bowral NSW police.




Mobile phone technology developed rapidly the brick was quickly made redundant. By the mid 1990s medical grade implants were using wireless technology just like mobile phones. I was surgically raped in 1997 and 1998 using the then new wireless Active Implantable Medical Devices (AIMDs) for illegal purposes as they have no therapeutic value for me in fact they work the opposite. Australia's federal government classify any implant as ''high risk'' because they pose a high risk of infection to the host person.


Below a photo of my face infected by illegal implants for which Adelaide doctors refused me penicillin on telephone instruction of South Australia's government of faceless cowardly people.



The next time you go into a MRI machine take a thin magnetic bangle with you, preferably on your wrist. The magnetic bangle will vibrate on your wrist in the same way the illegal implants I have inside me vibrate. Then you can understand how tortious these implants are to me coupled with the excess heat these implants generate, either the vibrations cause localised friction or the implants heat when sending and receiving wireless signals cause excess heat, just like your mobile phone. I imagine the main ones are being recharged or originally work by my breathing as they are stronger after I'm forced to take in air vis the illegal implant in my neck and abdominal diaphragm just under my lungs. This set of actions closest resembles the actions of a Phrenic Nerve Stimulator (pictured below) these was being heavily researched when I received this illegal implant (October 1997).




I feel an abnormal pulsed item in the side of my neck giving off 3 beats every 2 seconds much faster than my own healthy heart sending sparks into my neck and face, and feel what appears to be the power pack in my shoulder at the back on the same side as well as the connecting cable felt under my finger tips. You can see the bulge in my back (below) probably the radio receiver between the scar on my skin from the electrical impulses and the ''+'' shaped scar where it probably went in. (above)


Some of the implants have stopped working due to battery failure I imagine, like the ones in the soles of my feet, but their presence still caused me pain. I suspect these implants are what used to be termed as hermetically sealed pulsing bionic neuron of BION trade marked by Gerard Leob which he claimed stimulated muscles making them grow. In my experience they simply shoot sparks into your muscles causing a painful obstruction when you need to use those muscles for their intended purpose. Which is why you don't hear about them any more, except from my, potentially many illegal experiment hosts.




Back to the bracelet. These illegal implants inside me themselves vibrate abnormally to my natural body functions. Magnets in the wrong place near some of these illegal implants inside me cause them to vibrate excessively indicating some components of the illegal implants have magnetic metal parts small enough to still vibrate like a metal bangle. That must be the components that send and receive wireless data. However if I get a very strong magnet in the right place I can stop the implant for a period of time. Until my criminal stalkers increase the strength of the signal they send to these criminally illegal implants inside me.


The apparent purpose of these illegal implants inside me is to stalk me and torture me. Preventing me from securing assistance to have them removed and preventing me from accessing my legal right to a court order to have them removed. Preventing me from having police assistance to investigate and discover the identity of the persons who illegally implanted these devices, my prime suspect is current Skin Cancer Clinic owner Dr Mohamed Riyazuddin Ahmed of 349 Welling Dr Mount Annan,

Campbelltown NSW. He doesn't need a website or a waiting room full of customers, because he gets most of his income from illegal implant surgery. Muslim Mohamed Riyazuddin Ahmed used his religion on me as part of his medical practice informing me the ''prophet'' stands on your left side recording in the book of life so that's why I feel the constant tapping in my left shoulder blade, the place of the illegal implant he inserted only it took me over a decade to know it was an illegal implant.

Mohamed Riyazuddin Ahmed secretly and criminally activated the illegal implant with an electronic hand-held wireless device he poked into the back of my neck without permission or explanation, when I was in a Medicare consultation in the 1990s. Its this implant that makes my throat vibrate and vibrates more stronger at night when I'm sleeping making me dry cough all night causing gross irritation to my throat. Doctors refuse to do anything about that pain and suffering because I stopped smoking over decade ago they claim the night vibrations are caused by me smoking over a decade ago despite having no other symptoms to link a cause to my long past history as a smoker.

The Liberal Party government's Medicare Australia have allowed Mohamed Riyazuddin Ahmed to charge them for consultations in my name at his Mount Annan surgery, despite that I wasn't even in the same State, I was present and living in Adelaide 1,500 kilometres away.


Doctors also refuse to investigate the cause of the blockage of food and water down my throat. Its as if I have a significant reduction in my throat that stops the free flow of any food and water I ingest. I often gag on food of any substance forcing me to eat slops as my now flat false teeth are the same age as the illegal implants I can't even chew bread properly. I can't get new false teeth as I've been forced into poverty and reliant of government dental handouts. They won't give me appropriate teeth for my mouth which has no gums due to having my adult teeth removed as a child. I need an implant tooth plate but the government won't fund that.


When I swallow even water I can feel the dam like blockage in the middle of my throat where the Adams apple is located. There's a bone there that the implant is behind. Intermittently I feel sparks in my throat in this location. Adelaide Ear Nose and Throat specialist Paul Varley claims the electrical sparks are normal. I get the same from every other ENT I've tried to see.



As if that wasn't enough torture, they put a second pulse generator in my lower left ribcage like this one (below) possibly inserted through my belly button one evening after I was illegally drugged and kidnapped like all other times, it has connecting cables that track diagonally across my lower back the bulge is now evident. I woke once with a bloodied belly button. It also had connecting cables wound around my legs like an electrical conductor. My legs have stopped growing hair since these illegal implant went in in 1997 cause vibrations to my lower torso and legs and had resulted in permanent nerve damage in my feet. Sydney doctors lied claiming the sudden onset of back pain (after one illegal implant procedure) was a direct result of a low speed car accident I had some ten years prior despite not suffering any injury at the time of the prang in Liverpool NSW. The also claimed my numb hands was due to the same lower back injury. Medical men like that require the death penalty for the safety of the rest of us.



Tue, 08 May 2018 23:58:19 GMT //2-dogs.club/chapters/magnets-and-implants
Dangerously Irrational //2-dogs.club/chapters/irrational In case you're saying, ''She must have done something wrong.'' The short answer to that is, ''No.''


I've never committed any crime in my life outside of sharing a joint with a group of friends when I was a minor and a few speeding fines. That's it. I've never treated anyone disparagingly. I've never set out to harm anyone in any way whatsoever.


Note: Not all psychopaths are murderers and not all murderers are psychopaths.


The only thing that a psychopath would see as something they have to ''take care of'' is that I've been a witness to child sex crimes committed by Freemasons or their children.''


That's why I've been targeted, I'm a witness to child sex crimes involving WHITE Australians in positions of authority in government.


This matter has two parts. Government Public Officers are attacking me in two ways. They're criminally defaming me with a public funded character assassination claiming I've done XYZ to get others onside. The second facet it the physical attack. From my evidence the physical attack came first and the attack on my reputation was to cover up what they physically started doing to me. The illegal implants.


Because my attackers are physically violent criminal minds they're intrinsically quite stupid intellectually and they're psychopaths who always put their own needs ahead of their target. Which makes them prove their crimes to others eventually.


Person who never participate in organised crime know any violent crime would essentially hurt innocent people which is their motive to refrain. I'm not talking drug trafficking where people voluntarily take drugs. I'm talking upfront physical crime.


Medical rape is the worst kind of physical crime, worse than murder. You may notice the medical industry claims only a very small percent of the total population are psychopaths. This claim has been proven false by my experiences alone.


You hear for yourself the unfeeling tone in Simon James Spedding's voice as he refuses me penicillin for infection in my face, and refuses me medical aid for my spontaneously violently splitting finger tips. He's a psychopath. He's also a prime example of the general population of medical doctors.


Every medical doctor I have consulted probably even as far back to the 1970s when I was still a child. All put their personal needs ahead of mine. To do this they didn't care about my physical suffering. They all knew I was suffering, they all had the power to stop my suffering with appropriate medical care, but they didn't care, they all refused me a minimal standard of medical care. One doctor gave me a placebo for tooth ache after I showed her I had no enamel on my teeth and had extensive nerve pain. This 1975 placebo cost me about $20 or $30 which was all I had until the next pay day. But she and the chemist who gave me the script knowing I had extensive tooth pain gave me the placebo. That's pretty sadistic and it proves they are both psychopaths.


Every parliamentarian I have approached has refused to assist me in any of the hundreds of unlawful government procedures I've endured. I've had poor customer service from private companies. One Labor Party Catholic stole my 1987 Mazda 929 car after I took it to them for a quote circa November 1997. I'd just put a brand new engine in the car. They had it for a few days before I went back in person to see what was taking so long to do a quote. This Bowral mechanic falsely claimed it needed a new motor, they falsely claimed I authorised the repair without signing anything, and they claimed it cost them $5,000 to fix my car. They were friends of Michael Banasik who assaulted me in October 1997 at the New South Wales Local Government Conference.


Later I discovered it was his sister who had befriended me deciding not to tell me she was his sister in order to learn my plans about the car. It appears my car was rendered 'broken' in a criminal act with the long term plant to steel the car from me. Police refused to take any action against the Bowral mechanic who was located in the lane opposite the old Woolworths supermarket you'll know who I mean if you live in Bowral. I've forgotten his name as all paperwork was stolen from me. I believe it was a father/son business and he lived in Moss Vale.


Therefore on my experience alone the percentage of psychopaths in Australia equals the percentage of all medical professionals and all government public officers that there are in Australia and the percentage of Lawyers in Australia who refuse to defend me in a Civil Court under Common Law. That's quite a lot of callous people unable to experience emotional empathy and react ''normally'' which is humanely and not themselves cause me further suffering by their inactions.


That's what a Psychopath does. But it doesn't end there by a long-shot. 


Why did I have such rotten teeth? Was I a drug user? No, I was denied dental care after I wouldn't shut about telling everyone I'd witnessed the murder and rape of boys my own age at the Allman Street Campbelltown NSW Freemason Royal Arch Blue Lodge my dad went to along with men in authority in police and other government positions circa 1967.


My teeth slowly went rotten some pulled out rather than fixing them. The rot set in after I was given an experimental drug after I contracted hepatitis due to the sewerage disposal for my NSW state government primary school in East Campbelltown being next to where we were forced to eat out lunch. I was off school for months and bedridden. Then I was forced to repeat 4th class.


The government has done me wrong time and time again. Instead of taking any responsibility Parliament decided to attack me further with their grand plan to totally ruin everything in my life. For the greater good of their bank balance no doubt.


I was forced to go through puberty with six lower front teeth missing and a top front tooth chipped in half. Still refused dental treatment I ended having all my teeth out at age 20. A lot of teeth were still good but there was too much pain for me to bear being given only placebos. I think they were trying to make me an alcoholic leaving me with only alcohol to numb the pain.


The month after the birth of my third child in 1978, it was my 22nd birthday we had a small celebration during which I suspect someone poisoned me. I was violently ill for over a week. My parents took my three babies and left me to die with no medical care. I suspect they poisoned me. Someone gave my alcoholic husband a weeks supply of alcohol. He stayed drunk as I lay dying. It was only my nursing training in 1977 and an inner voice telling me to keep taking in liquids. Only thing I could keep in my stomach was very cold ice water.  I had to sleep on a towels I was sweating so much. The headache was massive.


When I first started feeling ill the Campbelltown public hospital ER doctor sent me home claiming I was attention seeking. Its possible he thought it had something to do with the blood transfusions I had in 1976 after the Camden NSW public hospital, that was before blood screening.


I had the blood transfusions in 1976 after I had a massive haemorrhage. Camden NSW public hospital maternity section and the then brand new Medicare system almost killed me with negligent infection after the birth of my second baby. They left the afterbirth inside me to rot for several hours as no doctor was there to deliver my baby as I was a Medicare patient. The infection caused a massive haemorrhage the morning after they discharged me six days later, despite that I was constantly complaining of belly pain. Below photo the day I was discharged. I asked my husband to snap the photo as I felt so ill I thought I was going to die. I wanted my babies to have a nice photo of the three of us.

Dr Pate or Dr Guest told me I was just being a winger he refused to look at my belly he just yelled at me across the verandah my bed was on. The next morning when I got out of bed and put my feet on the ground I had the massive haemorrhage. Then I was instantly paralysed but I could still breathe unaided. Just couldn't move anything not even my head. The infection totally paralysed me for a few days. I heard the ER staff tell my family I would probably die. I know what it feels like to be a pin cushion. They worked their little miracle and saved me, despite every effort of many others to kill me.

I was re-admitted through Camden ER to the the general womens ward. Soon after a female dressed as a nurse came in and changed my charts with data that claimed I was a cancer patient and scheduled me for a mastectomy. I was 19 it had only been 4 years since my statutory rape at 15 by children of Freemason police.

Below me a few days before I gave birth in 1976.

Children of the fuking Corn or what! 

That's as they say is the tip of the political iceberg and proves my life was under threat at an early age. 


Which includes the second prang I was involved in, in January 1977. The first was the day after my husband and I celebrated out wedding anniversary. My children were at my parents East Campbelltown NSW house for the night. I dropped Bob off at work at Camden and was on my way to collect my babies when a semi-trailer laden with a few ton of extra long steel rammed me from the rear on a downhill slope at the old temporary intersection on the Camden Campbelltown road after the new bridge road south of Camden NSW. I think that was a freak accident. The simi driver rammed my HR up the rear bending the tow bar tongue flat against my rear numberplate. I walked away with a scratch on my elbow from an adhesive cup-hook I used to hold the seatbelt out of the way. I had no major injury because I had just buckled up my seatbelt, before it was law. Had I not I would have been thrown out the windscreen and under my car that was shunted 2 or 3 spaces forward as I had my foot on the brake. I was stationary. I survived because I had my seatbelt on. I'd been frantically instructed about a dozen times to put my seatbelt on, by whomever it was who sometimes gave me news of impending disaster.


The second premeditated attempt to harm me was about a week later. After the truck prang my nerves were shot so I wasn't driving. As passenger in the 1967 Holden HR Special, my husband and I were driving the streets of Campbelltown NSW when another car on our left lined us up and rammed the side of the car. In those days you had to give way to anyone on your right. I was watching his face as we approached. He was looking directly at our car. He rammed us intentionally. He would have been 30 something.

I have been rammed from the rear 3 times. 1977, 1981 and 1987. On the evidence the 1977 side ram and the 1987 rear ram were intended to harm me. In the big one in January 1977 they did say in their panic, ''They're going to kill her'' when they were telling me to put my seatbelt on. But that reference to 'they' was probably to the fact there were two in the truck, not to the Freemasons.


Yes there is a link in the fabric of time and other living matter I know it exists I've seen and heard it. For you the proof in in the fact I had my seatbelt on in that 1977 prang at Camden NSW before it was law and people like me had not been happy with that new law. No I don't 'need' you to believe me. No I don't believe in any 'God'.


So ponder on all that for a while.

Holden cars in the 1960s were all steel only plastic was inside the car.

The below photos are my first 1967 HR, the doomed one.

Julie Goodwin the Government Public Officers registrar at Bowral Local Court told me she couldn't file an order until I had a decision from the department of Fair Trading who had a 'special' branch to investigate shoddy motor vehicle repairers.


Department of Fair Trading's decision was that the repairer was legally allowed to put a lien on my car. Despite that I hadn't signed anything and had recent and prior receipts for the exact repair they claim to have undertaken.


Went back to Bowral Local Court where Ms Goodwin then said as Department of Fair Trading ruled in favour of the repairer she couldn't do anything.


Bowral police parroted the exact same bullshit. I never got my 10 year old Mazda 929 back.


All the above has little grounding until you know that a few weeks before the car was stolen by the lying repairer. One day when I was at council on council business a young male and Labor Party supporter friend of Michael Banasik, who was employed in the Works department at Wollondilly Shire Council stole my briefcase for a few minutes with my car keys in it. When I went to me car some time later there was a male with a pistol lying in wait on the floor in the back on my car. When I turned to open my door to get out of my car the young male who stole my bag and car keys and clearly let this criminal into my car, he was standing at my door preventing me from escaping.


I was drugged and kidnapped and interrogated inside Wollondilly Shire Counsel. But when I was in the car the first thing the small fat man with white hair said to me when he pointed his police issue pistol at me was, ''Nice car, its too good for you, I want it.''


On 10 January 2001 I walked into the Commonwealth Bank in Newcastle and who should be already inside waiting in line? The young male criminal accomplice in my kidnap at gunpoint in my car outside Wollondilly Shire Council. After he was sacked from Wollondilly he'd got a job in the Newcastle Council.


I reiterate, police refuse to investigate anyone for ANY of the multiple crimes against me at ANY point in my entire 60 plus year life. It appears that because I was raped by a Freemason and the children of Freemasons as a child.


Below a photo of me (top left) and fellow Wollondilly Shire Councillors 1995-1999 except to Liberal Party member Daniel Relyea who left in disgust.   Shane Appel threatened to physically punch me in front of suddenly deaf and blind witnesses at a number of Council meetings on the say so of Michael Banasik Labor Party's endorsed candidate for the seat of Macarthur in the 1998 Federal Government election. These people below are responsible for criminally assisting Labor Party supporters to criminally surgically rape me in 1997 and 1998.




Mon, 30 Apr 2018 03:22:38 GMT //2-dogs.club/chapters/irrational
Abuse of Public Office State Transport //2-dogs.club/chapters/defamation-transport

However Its ok to defame and abuse transport department clients.

This is a letter I recieved on the Monday before the stated cancellation of my drivers' licence will come into effect on the Thursday, being the day after ANZAC Day leaving me with less than three working days to arrange a legal appeal against this gross criminal section 251 Abuse of Public Office, Criminal Law Consoladation Act 1953 (SA)

The Government Public Officer (GPO) writer claims to be a ''delegate'' of the ''Registrar'' at the Transport department. They could be just about any shit-kicker with no qualifications. Which appears to be the case.

The formal cancellation the writer claims is pursuant to section 80 Motor Vehicles Act 1959 (SA) yes its a 60 year old legislation that came into effect the year I was raped by my Freemason dad who has been continually protected by other criminal GPOs.

There is no right of appeal under this 60 year old Act. So the comment the GPO writer makes suggesting I can appeal to them is legally incorrect. That means their statement was wrong. Or in other circles its a FAIL. Even BUSTED.

However appeals are allowed for cancellations by the Registrar (or their delegate apparently) section 98ZA allows an Appeal to District Court. We all know how well that has gone for me in the past with the criminal actions of an ex-judge who insisted on court record that was probably wiped, I file a Statement Of Claim against the South Australia government (Crown) written by an anonymous person as my own document swearing in court that I authored it and no one else. He threw my Common Law claim out of the court because I refused his illegal request to perjure myself in court. How fuked is that ex-Judge Griffin?


An astute reader will notice the ''acting'' Registrar GPO writer failed to state exactly what they they believe I have that is severely and medically preventing with me to hold a drivers licence and qualify me for an immediate section 80 disqualification.

So I wrote a letter in the evening. An email actually to be pedantic.

As it is my right, I also emailed a late night Freedom Of Information Act application to secure an exact copy of the alleged medical report authored by a ''Dr Cole''.

Quick as a flash on the very next day I got a response. The writer of that email told me that my Freedom Of Information application was refused on the grounds that providing me with copy of the medical report about my alleged medical condition, would be a breach of privacy for the mysterious ''Dr Cole''.

They even quoted the Motor Vehicles Act 1959 (SA) as their legal ground citing section 139D - Confidentially which is an Abuse of Public Office as the Freedom Of Information Act contains the only grounds upon which an application ''under'' the Freedom Of Information Act can be refused.

But the legal implications don't stop there. Refusing me copy of the alleged ''medical report'' about me allegedly authored by the obviously shy ''Dr Cole'' is in effect an unconstitutional attempt to legalise Common Law Medical Negligence and legalise section 257 Criminal Defamation.

If the incompetent Government Public Officer FIO section writer of the email I received actually read section 139D they would see that 139D(1)(a) allows the release of the information. However they probably already know that in which case it's their admission of their criminal attempt to pervert the course of justice and criminally intimidate a future court witness in breach of an other section of the Criminal Law Consoladation Act 1953 (SA)

Reaffirmed by the Government Public Officer FIO section writer who claims my confidentially would be breached if the document was released to me.

They quote the below as their ''legal'' excuse under the FIO Act to refuse me,

Schedule 1, Part 3, section 13—Documents containing confidential material which states; 
       Schedule 1, Part 3, section 13(1)         A document is an exempt document— 
            (a)         if it contains matter the disclosure of which would found an action for breach of confidence;  


The doctor in a medical consultation has no right of confidentiality under any law. Neither does the writer of a criminally illegal outrageous email. Who appears to have a fake name using part of my name, Janette Gail Francis.


Stay tuned for updates!   Crown Solicitor provided me with the (criminally defamatory) document authored by 'Alison Barbara Jane Cole' so this court date is cancelled.



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Psychopaths in Medicine //2-dogs.club/chapters/psychopaths-in-medicine

Lets concentrate on my Medicare Australia professional consultation with Australian registered medical doctor and England immigrant Alison Barbara Jane Cole (there's a few Alison Cole's registered by AHPRA) who claims to be a specialist medical practitioner with a ''special'' interest in skin conditions.

Her role was to examine me to certify if my leg/s were fit enough to allow me to hold a driving licence in South Australia, on request of Department of Transport authority (RTA) after the State police sent my application to reassess my low speed infringement which they refused to consider, in breach of the legislation under which I made the application (see below). 

On request of RTA, I booked an appointment so they could send the doctor the papers which included a 'Certificate of Fitness' the doc had to complete, in relation to the proper movement of my legs. RTA refused to email the papers directly to me. I booked a (long) double appointment so the doc could perform this task easily.

The medical doctor Alison Barbara Jane COLE wanted to concentrate on my claim I had an implant in my forehead. She never attempted to examine my forehead, apart from looking at me at double arms length in her chair. instead she googled my website the asked me to point out the photo. I informed her she wasn't ''in'' my website as she was still in the google screen.

Inside (this) website Medical doctor Alison Barbara Jane COLE exclaimed the lumps on my forehead in the photos you also see in this website book, she said, ''That's muscle'' paused then said, ''I think that's a skin condition''.

So I said, ''Great, problem solved, now refer me to a skin specialist.'' 

Medical doctor Alison Barbara Jane Cole gave me a long gaze I shit you not, she closed her eyelids so tight they were little slits and you couldn't see any part of her eyeball at which point I involuntarily laughed as she looked so childish.

Then she said, ''No, I think you have a mental illness because you think it's an implant.''

I responded, ''But I just agreed with you.''

Then she said, ''No, I 'm saying you have a mental illness.''

I refrained from responding. I was a bit afraid of her irrationality what she'd do next would not be rational so I remained quiet so as not to inadvertently provoke her to lash out at me further.

Medical doctor Alison Barbara Jane Cole then examined my perfect mechanically working legs asking me where it hurts, I told her, ''Only hurts where that lump is there.''  She ignored the lump and conceded on the mechanical movements of my legs and whether I could life my leg to a 90 degree angle while lying on my back because you always do that in a car when you're driving (not). She acted disappointed that I'm still very flexible and had no problem lifting my legs vertical at 60 something. Then she took my blood pressure and acted disappointed that it was perfect. 

Medical doctor Alison Barbara Jane Cole informed me, ''I don't think I can complete the certificate'' as in her own words, ''I need to consult with the licensing authority.''

I laughed, repeated what she just said and asked ''You need to ask the licensing authority about a medical issue?

To which she responded without any hesitation, ''Yes, and I'm instructing you not to drive as I think you have a mental illness.''

I replied, ''You have to do what your conscious tells you.''

She repeated herself a few times as if she was vocalising her thoughts, or trying to provoke me to anger to self justify her criminally false medical diagnosis. I left those bits out. You could argue the legal technicality that as she is being asked by a government entity to complete a certificate that they need to make an administrative decision. Her acceptance of that request forms a contract with the Crown. Which means for that specific event n she is being legally contracted by the government. Which naturally means that, for the purpose of the Certificate of Fitness and my medical examination that I recorded, and transcribed above, Medical doctor Alison Barbara Jane Cole was a representative of the State government of South Australia, also known as a Government Public Officer bound by the many elements ALL GPOs are, including criminal abuse of office pursuant to section 251, Criminal Law Consolidation Act 1935 (SA). Gotta love a half-wit so much entertainment.

So that's what a psychopath with a Bachelor of Medicine sounds like in Australia.

Having a university degree in your name doesn't automatically make you intelligent. Maybe you cheated maybe you didn't only you know. To quote (probably) Winston Groom the author of the book the film Forest Gump is based on, ''Stupid is as stupid does.''



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Dissidents Stephen Knight a brave hero //2-dogs.club/chapters/brave-hero-stephen-knight

I only slowly understood the extensiveness of the criminal activities in Australian government public officers over a long period of time. If I had not been an elected politician in Wollondilly Local Government it may have taken me longer. I'm slow to see the bad in people, that's due to being the child of a Freemason, they train you to be a victim.

In 2002 a new book published caught my eye especially as it's title was ''The Brotherhoods: inside the outlaw motorcycle clubs'' and it's author was published as one Arthur Veno and (King) Arthur's wife was (Queen) Elizabeth. Arthur Veno and his wife Elizabeth Veno were the only people with the last name VENO in Australia on the electoral roll when his book was first published. Many people know the word ''veno'' is an informal word for wine for Spanish and Italian people. I suspect this person was making a play on words using ''veno'' saying in his private joke as having a ''whine'' about the groups he mentions in his book.

I knew as the daughter of a Freemason that the Freemasons are THE original Brotherhood.

Circa 2002, I wrote an Australia Post registered letter to this Arthur Veno at his electoral office residential address asking for a meeting. However he failed to respond to my request, which I thought was rather odd considering he claimed to get many secret meeting with members of some of the most notorious outlaw motorcycle clubs, but was too afraid to face 50kg little old me.

I believe the alleged book author Arthur Veno wrote, whatever his real name is, is himself a Freemason and his intent in writing his rather hurried small book was to brand motorcycle club members in current history as the only Brotherhood designed to take the heat off the Freemasons who have literally for centuries been known as The Brotherhood. Below: extract from TV news circa 2012.

This claim is corroborated by the fact that Veno's The Brotherhoods was published one year after I personally visited the Sydney office of book publishers Allen & Unwin and insisted they make an appointment with me and their authors of the book (Brothers In Arms) who used a stolen copy of a photo of my 28 year old face, as the 14 and 15 year old face of a murder victim in their book.

In 1980s I did a psychology course and was surprised when I passed with a high distinction or distinction, so I speak with a measure of expertise myself.

In his TV interview this seemingly forced Canadian accented Arthur Veno states he believes there has been a dramatic shift in the types of people attracted to motorcycle clubs. I say this is a direct response to the illegal methods the government have historically used to suppress these groups who would have existed happily and probably less violently had authorities not tried to commit acts of genocide on these groups. Its all about survival. They are now exactly what the political arm of Australian governments have made. Governments have no one but themselves to blame.

Try to kill a bee or steal it's food, it will try to sting you despite that this act will cause its own death.

Leave the bees alone they exists without bothering you.

Arthur Veno used that very same book as the only reference to that event. Suprise surprise, Allen & Unwin Sydney published both books. I speak of the Simpson & Harvey book ''Brothers In Arms the inside story of two bikie gangs'' and the shootings at Viking Tavern in Beaconsfield NSW (near Milperra and near the Bankstown Aerodrome for a fast get away) on Fathers' Day 1984 after which Australian Freemasons in the police services and other government departments, falsely used my face as the face of the only female murder victim, which from the extensive evidence indicates that teenage girl murder was falsified by Australian government officials and others, on many levels.

That he called his book Brotherhoods plural indicates in his mind that he acknowledges the Freemasons are one united group while motorcycle clubs are many multiple totally disconnected groups, like separate tribes on earth have been since life appeared on this planet in one form or another.

Fate has always been kind to me in assisting me overcome the horrendous elements of unjustified evil thrust at me in Australia during my entire life. As fate would have it in March 2008 I stumbled upon a second hand book at a Library I rarely frequented, Campbelltown NSW. The book was selling for one dollar, (AU$1) which was a good thing as that was all I had in my pocket.


I was pleased to part with my worldly wealth on this book as it was titled ''The Brotherhood: the secret world of the Freemasons'' authored by Stephen Night and copyright in 1984, the same year as the Fathers' Day 1984 shootings that linked me as that murder victim, a copy of which was in the same Library which also employed my DNA sister who is two years older than me, and who I believe was brainwashed by Freemasons since childhood to detest me to reaggregate me from my family after I witnessed multiple rapes and murder at the Freemason's Blue Lodge in Allman Street, Campbelltown NSW circa 1967. So don't harass my sister, she's just as much a victim as I am, I don't blame her I blame our DNA father and his Freemason buddies 100%. However I'll still never forgive any of my siblings for what she did to me as their little sister in our adult lives.

The main point of this chapter in my TRUE CRIME website book, is to highlight the Chapter in Stephen Knight's book titled ''The Dissidents'' which describes in great detail the extensive criminalities used to hurt anyone who speaks out against any Freemason. It is the blueprint for the harms that Australian government Public Officers and other Freemasons or relatives of Freemasons have used to harm me in every facet of my life.

Read The Brotherhood chapter in the linked PDF starting on page 142 and you will see the relationship to the events I retell elsewhere in this website book. 

Or copy paste the link address thus https://app.box.com/s/7svnv41xui1vs6ixrrlfpoqko2tqbe7q

I owe an eternal debt to Stephen Knight He brought me from the dark into the light allowing me to link my childhood memories to criminal modus operandi of current Australian government officials. He died aged 33 soon after ''The Brotherhood'' his exposé book on global Freemasons. Despite the official cause of his death, in my mind responsibility will always rest at the feet of the Freemasons who control all aspects of government in our allied countries, falsely alleged democracies.

Stephen Knight died in Argyllshire Scotland, the birth area and marriage area of both my Scottish ancestors who immigrated to Queensland Australia in 1864, James MacLachlan and Jane MacGregor.



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